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  1. That's a good call with Meowth training! I'll add that in for the Meowth section and credit you
  2. I appreciate you explaining more of your strat! The spinda I mentioned above can also tank all the applicable hits and it lasts long enough to also toss that first poke ball which allows for stat drops. It's convenient in that you can switch when needed, but also focus on letting it faint to toss in your next poke. The issue with switching it out mid battle is that often time some pokemon is going to take a hit. Also locking it into a move isn't always going to be ideal. Arbok with glare, alphas that use swagger, or moves that have 5 PP or less aren't as practical to lock a move onto. Of course I agree that you can use your strategy and find some way around it, but it does need a lot more exceptions to use it than the Spinda I listed at the beginning. Additionally if you fail to catch the alpha in enough turns, you'll have to reset lagging tail on the alpha if it runs out of PP. If the alpha happens to have self-recovery moves and you remove lagging tail, you risk it recovering its HP, getting paralyzed, etc. Additionally the set mentioned at the beginning of this guide has rock smash or strength on Spinda, strength being a STAB move. There's a red note I included that said if you have the ocarinas, you can use other moves as well. Jolly Spinda can also use the trick and focus sash strategy for alphas that don't have recovery moves to take the alpha down to 1 HP if needed and can pair with protect to turn stall for timer ball turns. To be clear though, your strategy does work and it's ultimately up to user preference, but it does have more shortcomings than a Jolly Spinda with 31 in its speed IV
  3. Thanks for your kind words! Lagging tail is indeed a viable strategy and while investing in defense is nice, you still miss out on the other stat. I explained some of the shortcomings for the lagging tail strategy in the spoilers section for Usage at the top. I can copy them below though for easier viewing By having a Jolly spinda with a 31 IV in speed and 236 speed EVs, you are no longer stuck to use choice scarf, choice band, choice specs, lagging tail, and focus sash. It will also tank hits so you can another item as you see fit. A spinda with this build will also outspeed alpha Electrode even if it's level 72 with a speed boosted nature and a 31 for its Speed IV Another benefit to outspeeding and tanking hits (except a STAB move from alpha Slaking, but you have protect for that), is that you can skill swap before an alpha pokemon uses a stat boosting move such as swords dance, calm mind, etc. With lagging tail, the opposing alpha pokemon can use swords dance for +2 for example or arbok could use glare. Alphas nowadays have several moves that could hurt the lagging tail strategy This build is especially useful when battling alpha Dragonite. You can skill swap immediately, throw a poke ball to activate contrary, and if spinda is still in, you can get chip damage or continue to poke ball. Spinda isn't so bulky that it will taste turns while it's in, but isn't so fragile that it'll faint right away. When you're at -1 at least, you can swap to a pokemon to soak Dragonite to remove STAB (except for aqua tail now) and then switcheroo with assault vest to have Dragonite avoid using rest. You can then use Breloom as a catcher. STAB aqua tail won't do much to Breloom and toxic heal + spore will help it keep up with any damage received.
  4. Hello! I will be sending you a mail so please check your forums mail
  5. Hello! So i've just updated my guide. Teddiursa's EVs have been adjusted and it can handle both seaking and poliwhirl hordes. Munchlax doesn't need to be jolly and can remain as adamant nature to handle golduck hordes, Jolly Munchlax would also need scarf to outspeed. The issue is that you won't always OHKO Golduck hordes so it isn't as reliable. Pickup Pachirisu is a good option. As for if the distance is worth it, i'd say that's a judgement call because i'd probably go for the poliwhirl hordes in the water outside the PC after EV training. Donphan/Dodrio hordes are popular, but you'd need a mold breaker pokemon to handle the donphan and subsequently the dodrio.
  6. Hey! I think Dugtrio is a nice idea with arena trap. A counter argument could be that dugtrio can't false swipe an abra, but you made a great point because Heracross can't trap it in battle and a smeargle with false swipe, mean look, spore, etc. doesn't have the swarm boost. With pokes like that, you could go for protect + ball spam to both keep dugtrio alive and increase the turn count. Good call!
  7. Hey there, i'll send you a mail on forums!
  8. Updated nature to say that you can also use Timid if there are no offensive moves
  9. Sending you both messages via Forums mail now πŸ™‚
  10. Happy Halloween from Team Porygon!! October 31st, UTC ~Please enjoy the pictures below~
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