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  1. Thanks to @CaptnBaklavafor providing me a PvP guide and @Buwuchufor providing me a breeding guide to add!
  2. Purpose for making this: Rather than posting individual guides in servers, you’ll be able to post this to reduce the majority of the burden. I am aware that various teams will have a few other team specific guides, so this guide index won’t be an exhaustive list. Some guides may be repeated in some sections, but that’s because they can apply to several categories, and it therefore felt most appropriate to list them under the related sections for ease of locating by relevance. Some guides might be slightly out of date such as the berry mechanic since I started compiling this before some updates, but it shouldn’t be that different. Always double check the update logs and ask PokeMMO staff to be safe. If I need to update something, ping me in your comment and let me know what needs to be updated. The names for each guide are in the link. Guide index last updated: July 7-8, 2023 Unique Guides Money PvE Pokemon Ditto Hunting Breeding Walkthroughs Gym Runs EV Training Berries Shiny Hunting Rock Smash Routes PvP Alpha/HAs Elite 4 MMO Annual Events GUI/Strings/Mods Credits
  3. adjusted prices to be 55K per ditto at 3.3m per box
  4. I have some from last halloween, but i'm holding onto those for now
  5. Currently available - 8 Ditto boxes + 20 individual dittos with kanto friends particle. Pricing - 3.3m per ditto box with kanto friends particle. - I can sell individual dittos depending on what you need **I can offer bulk pricing depending on how many you buy** Contact Forums mail In-game: DragoTamer
  6. Added a note next to egg moves to explain that they are optional.
  7. Added some notes in the IV explanation section clarifying why I said 6x31 was ideal as well as emphasizing that 3x31 was more practical for pokeyen-saving purposes. Also added a note in red in the summary breed at the beginning of the guide directing readers to the IV explanation section for further clarification
  8. Introduction Breeding a Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan can be confusing. Not only are they all male breeds, evolutions of tyrogue, planning the correct egg moves for each one can be a little strange. Top it off, these breeds can get expensive. If you're spending all that time and money, particularly if you plan on using it for comp or for flexing, you would ideally want the proper egg moves for each breed, and the good news is that it's much easier to put egg moves on these 3 pokemon than it is for normal breeds. My goal with this guide is to help people who are breeding one of these three pokemon in order to maximize your moveset and further details will be included below Hitmontop optimal egg moves (4) Hitmonlee optimal egg moves (4) Hitmonchan optimal egg moves (3) Tyrogue PREVO move (1) Who gives what egg moves How to evolve Tyrogue into its respective evolutions Other guides to check out
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