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  1. I am unsure of that, but that could be something fun to compare. It would have to factor in the fluctuating orb prices and future rise/fall of orb prices - similar to what happened to gracideas and rainbow quills
  2. Thank you for applying! We reached out to talk further
  3. Introduction and Usage Ability explanation Nature explanation Good sweet scent Pokémon to bring along to pair with a Rampardos/Haxorus/Basculin Rampardos Optimal Build IVs explanation EVs explanation Moves explanation Related Guides/Posts Credits Haxorus Optimal Build IVs explanation EVs explanation Moves explanation Related Guides/Posts Credits Basculin Optimal Build IVs explanation EVs explanation Moves explanation Leveling Strategy Related Guides/Posts Credits
  4. Join us in observing the progress of our inaugural Shiny Wars event! With 100+ members participating. a main prize pool totaling 223 million pokeyen, alongside a special MVP prize pool featuring alpha starters, anniversary chests, Christmas presents, and pumpkin goodie bags, the stakes are high! Stay tuned for further updates within the next 2-3 days, as we gear up to showcase the impressive array of shinies our team has proudly amassed. We have seen amazing progress so far particularly with our participants obtaining two egg shinies [Lapras + Porygon] within a 24-hour period and 3 egg shinies in total [Riolu]! We extend an invitation for our readers to follow along with us on this adventure. We also hope that for all potential new members, this event will serve as a reference to the shiny hunting component of our comprehensive PvE team - dedicated to all aspects related to PvE with a focus on research, optimization, data, and projects!
  5. pachirisu information updated. I included information about two other moves to add thanks to @Minks and also included a writeup for EV hordes you can battle to continue benefiting from picking in order to ev train your pokemon.
  6. Information for an optimal pickup pachirisu has been added below the information for munchlax. I will make it more organized later, but for now, the necessary info is there
  7. Once you have defeated 50 battles on each level without losing, you will get the ribbon. Each set is a battle of 7 so it's more like 7-8 sets to get the ribbon. Then if you go back into tower while your streak is above 50 and you still haven't lost, every 7 battles will give you another ribbon
  8. Thank you for your application! I'll message you
  9. Thank you for your interest! As we are full now, we will reach out if there is space in the future
  10. Due to the increase in content for legendary pokemon and raids, individual sections for those have been made
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