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  1. Rather than being tradeable, mage's hat should be colorable. imagine rocking a red mage's hat that awkways showed from a bug with fire dragon's robe or something. would be lit
  2. Dratini/Dragonair hordes in the dragon cave, ez. Would be cool if you could "permanently borrow" the shuckle from the cianwood NPC
  3. I recently obtained a 5x31 careful natured Hitmontop with every boss particle including pumpkid. I will be slowly adding ribbons and will post a screenshot when it's complete
  4. I would like to share this screenshot of a 5x31 Ditto I had purchased and intended to use. My goals were met before I got to use this ditto therefore I re-sold it. I understand it's rare to see a ditto like this and I would like to take this chance to post a screenshot here of the 5x31 I obtained!
  5. I support this. It creates a logical benefit. Whereas donator boosts several things, this boosts a specific area. I believe donator boosts egg speed, experience points earned, and shiny rate. we have separate charms for experience points (25% and 50%. 10% for linked members) and we have a shiny charm (10% if you pop it and 5% for linked members). An egg hatching charm simply makes sense and provides a cheaper option than donator. magma armor and flame body don't reduce hatching speed by much. even if the charm reduces hatching speed by 1-2 minutes, it makes a huge benefit over several breeds, particularly when seeking to breed comps or pokemon for other purposes.
  6. I am back from taking a break. There are a few things to update you all on. - Contests are currently completely broken and will remain so until the part 3 update. - I completed ribbons for a shiny lucario and a couple other shines that are reflected in my completed orders. Lucario still needs a little work though once contests are back. - There are a few orders pending once contests are fixed so please message me ASAP if you have an order you are interested in having done. I will write down the information and we will plan accordingly.
  7. Pokémon: Shiny Ho-Oh Name:. DragoTamer [Ribbon Master] Team: Please don't include this Color [Theme]: Please use a color scheme centered around Shiny Ho-Oh. Other Details: Can you replace the O in my name for a Dragonball like in the sig I have right now? Could you make the sig 500x200 please!
  8. Thanks for the ping fam, but unfortunately not. I'm focusing on perfects now
  9. In all honesty, I was looking forward to Darkshade replying with "No" before I opened the thread to see the reply
  10. Bump. Looking primarily for Munya and Darkshade OTs in regards to staff OTs. Ideally with kanto friends particle, but that isn't as important.
  11. If you're looking for pokemon to shunt, supporting pokemon help. A pokemon with the damp ability like akshit said is very useful for shunting pokemon that explode like claydol. Weezing with reactive gas makes shunting Zorua easier. Different supporting pokemon help based on what you're shunting. As for a smeargle catchmon like what Akshit said, there are two prevailing types. The first is the general one and the second is a conversion smeargle. The general uses a moveset of false swipe, soak, spore, and personally I use substitute otherwise. The other moveset utilizes a ghost move is your first move, conversion, false swipe, and spore. Conversion set is used to catch pokemon that use take down like chansey, beldum, relicanth, etc. and are also helpful in catching snorlax.
  12. Check out this guide before you buy a Teddi. It'll tell you the build for the optimal PvE Teddi. If you plan on buying one, I would make sure it follows the specs here.
  13. Update: No longer selling that Tyrogue. Still looking for everything else Added my search for a ditto with bats particle
  14. Update: I'm trying to sell my 5x31 Bashful nature Tyrogue. If evolved into Hitmontop, it will have all the egg moves. It has Kanto Friends, King's fall, anniversary cake, and eerie Howl Particles. Please message me offers. I will also add this into the post above
  15. Bump. I also added Old-Current Staff OTs that I am looking for. Thanks fam! If you manage to make one, I'd love to buy!
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