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  1. Hello ! Please Submit a ticket on PokeMMO Support Create Ticket -> Ban Appeal PokeMMO Support Link : https://support.pokemmo.com/ Use your game username and password there and please avoid spamming a lot of posts in forums and same for support tickets in the future good luck
  2. the game goes as what FireRed ROM have done so i think there is no way
  3. he's the only player in the game that will choose totodile and name it "retired game master" (jk)
  4. Prof : Hello There ! Welcome to the world of pokemon ,Please Choose a starter to start your journey in johto region. Branaso : sorry to say but , i don't care about starters , do you have Grass Ability Patch? taking chikorita will just waste my time so...
  5. this one doesn't exist ... okay? c:
  6. looks like those are the rates of starters choosing once johto arrives: Chikorita : 99,99% Cyndaquil : 0,09% Totodile : 0,01% and of course for GAP (Grass Ability Patch) c:
  7. yup , should be deleted already lol yeah , I Hate TFBO
  8. i don't know if there is any mod changes the battle music or encounters music but all i know is there are some music mods in client customization , i'm turning the music off btw lol so i can hear the shiny particle sound clearly
  9. what about the other alpha starters? i'm still wondering if they will release any
  10. Hello ! Thanks for choosing Avalanche community. you're application is accepted , Please DM me on discord if you have Discord so as to invite you to our discord server. my username is xMorocco#1404
  11. i just saw this 0001010101001010101001010 on my notifications and i knew it's a porygon event , Damian would give his big love to the winner and say "01010100101010010101 :D"
  12. 3 spots available , i'll avoid sending messages every time in here so (except bumping as the rules says) , if the title has "[Closed]" on it , it means the team is full , if not so there are some spots available (you can find the total members information above in the post) have a nice day and thanks for the helpful section @Teddi:)
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