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  1. otherwise you have Ho-Oh and Red rebattles weekly , you can do gyms and Ho-Oh/Red on multiple accounts if you're free and really have the patience to do so (because it's hard and boring) If you learn how to gtl snipe that's the best money making method there are multiple videos on YouTube about it and it needs some time to learn it , because you have to know about the market's prices to not get baited and lose money over a Pokémon/Item that is not worth it or you can also catch alphas on multiple accounts if you've done storylines on another account , having multiple accounts is something useful nowadays in pokemmo because it helps to make more profit
  2. Hello! please PM me in discord so i can invite you to our discord server as well my discord user name is hm711 , have a great day
  3. hello! please message me on discord my username is hm711 send me a screenshot of your OT shinies (on OT bage) and a screenshot of your trainer card , thanks
  4. Another one! we got an alpha catcher, time to take a lil break from singles Team [Äv]
  5. also most of those people buys them with game pokeyen there are some signature makers like Requi , I don't know if his studio is open now but here it is
  6. once you get the signature image , go to the top right on your screen and click on this then click account setting , and signature there you can put your signatures
  7. Finally after a long dry hunt I can post here again, 10k eggs on charmander and 89k single encounters on shroomish (99k total) finished my phase 4 and phase 5 starts now , first shiny of team avalanche shiny war on first 30 mins Team [Äv] Mew on top
  8. he's algerian , also happy amazigh year (even its in 14 jan)
  9. you can use a lvl90-100 Forretress (31 spatk 0 spdef IVs) and Rash Nature & sturdy ability with volt switch move (held item : lagging tail) and a spore pokemon with high level (breloom or smeargle doesn't matter) when you meet ditto you use volt switch and as you have lagging tail , ditto goes first using transform , then you hit with volt switch which lets ditto to use sturdy ability and it gets 1 hp left , you send breloom or smeargle and use spore then throw net ball , i tried your strat as well but i felt better with this one , if i think about it its probably 95% or even more is the rate to catch ditto from the first ball if im not wrong
  10. Ye this looks different, never had this but , did you accept Brendan's battle in Rustboro city or you said no? Probably that's why he's there , I never rejected the battle in Rustboro so I never met him on route 104 and I don't know if he meets you there
  11. you won't struggle with catching dittos using forretress strat with net balls instead of repeat balls (if you dont know about the strat you can send me a private message here in forums)
  12. 0% win rate ho-oh soon tm
  13. no gbwead , we're already dead you're actually right but don't expect for them to make red easier , they'll make ho-oh harder xD
  14. shiny rate is being fair as always (me with 95k single encs dry now) , gg!
  15. yeah it should be edited cause there are a lot of things changed in the game , hopefully the creator edits it anytime soon
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