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  1. hé ils ont delete le club fé 1 truk mek

  2. well I think they already know they can't be liked by every single player on the game and even if the poll was only voted for 100% of them are bad they would just ignore it (or think they're funny by downvoting themselves) also i totally agree with you about that, to me the game has lost what made it special back in the days (except being the only multiplayer pokemon game that does not suck) and i think this is what you should have said from the beginning instead of trying to make them look bad
  3. pretty cool thread but i feel like you're making it because you have been muted and you're mad about it
  4. make a cool npc after her like bethesda did with the skyrim grandma

    1. AurumPegasus
    2. Zymogen


      bon anniversaire ma cherie





    3. AurumPegasus
  6. just say it's your real name they can't do shit
  7. yo imagine playing on iphone that would be crazy right
  8. Oh my god he is in do not disturb mode. He can't hear us. Oh my god.
  9. or at least tell me why you did it when you delete something that is not against the rules
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