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  1. slava rossiya babe

    1. Munya


      Wow, you pay a visit and don't say hi to me?!

  2. i cant believe its been 10 almost 11 years... i remember when you could steal from other players & it was fine i dont even play anymore, im an old russian hag now that every once in a blue moon will post something & then leave again... i'm 31. no one i was even really friends with comes around anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. a truly beautiful song; Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex (LYRICS) - YouTube
  4. They'll never understand what being an Angel is all about, babe

    I luv you <3

  5. Jhoto will be the only thing that makes me download this game again i promise
  6. The shiny rate varies based on what your gender is, & how cute you are.
  7. Oy, what do you expect from someone who raises from the dead every so often to shit post? With that said, Pet Semetary, the original of course though the remake was decent.
  8. imagine being anyone else but you, babe? i couldn't, the idea alone makes me SICK

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