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  2. yea as i told a while ago i updated the old 1.3 version with the 2.0 so sorry for that.
  3. i guess you could wait for it until the world end. xD many modders would appreciate adding a fix (option) for it.
  4. I did that automatically because i also linked them on my Discord server and some other (own) mods too so sorry once more. @budadeth If you still have the old 1.3 HD files (unedited), I could split them up again and adjust them and upload them again.
  5. ohm... sorry not more. I replaced the old files with the new ones.
  6. Yeah i saw that a few minutes later too after I wrote the message. xD
  7. Ok it's done. It also works flawlessly on mobile. Battle Sprites Reloded HD 2.0 Part 1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/cwvnxtgwomd1nua/Battle_Sprites_Reloded_HD_2.0_Part_1.mod/file Battle Sprites Reloded HD 2.0 Part 2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/n3xvne7reh6nt0x/Battle_Sprites_Reloded_HD_2.0_Part_2.mod/file Battle Sprites Reloded HD 2.0 Part 3 https://www.mediafire.com/file/n1f055y3opt85d8/Battle_Sprites_Reloded_HD_2.0_Part_3.mod/file
  8. The files are uploading now. It will take few minutes. I'll make myself known when they're done. PS. You can literally see that the gifs (Pokémon) got resized. PPS. Ignore the fact that everything on the screenshot is in german.
  9. Holy Moly I have a feeling someone here is getting pretty annoyed by all these "where can I download it" questions. xD
  10. sheesh budadeth you reposted my message more than often for all the "newbies". xD
  11. Just as JDChaos said/wrote is the 1.3 HD Patch just an patch which added the gender based sprites (female and males difference). This was even so the reason why i posted the full mod in 3 parts with the new 1.3 patch. The whole mod is 3,1 / 3,2 GB huge. if you want one you have to love the other. That's all what i've to say about this.
  12. nah it's the 2nd. i just wrote before that i'm fixing them and disabled the old links.
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