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  1. I ll be updating the rest of all this next week
  2. yes the images are actually compatible between, you can mix themes as much at that amount of .png images a theme is composed of and they are located on the "res" folder of the theme
  3. This ones have been updated (post will be updated soon) Download it first from here: https://youtu.be/kHO16Rfp91Y?si=XGReCiC9kcds1S9-
  4. No pero revisa este post: Ya actualice la primer parte, asique probablemente la proxima semana tendre la parte 2 y 3, "tematicos" y "otros" ahi esta el de one Piece te comentare cuando lo tenga
  5. I have this one from themes from that here is on video, I ll be updating the post later this weekend with the links, meanwhile you can download it now from this video:
  6. Omg man! Thats sick, looking forward to the guide thanks a lot in advance
  7. still on depelopment, if you only 1st gen its done, so it could take some time Congrats bro! looking forward to test this out!!!
  8. Yes I did 70 themes already, I be posting those maybe between this weekend or next week I did the first category of this ones (I will pin you when I update the links) https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/145076-gui-128-themes-updated-to-2022/
  9. EN: I will be updating a large number of old themes from the forum and from my authorship If you want to update any old theme just link it and I will add it to the list ES: Estaré actualizando una gran cantidad de temas antiguos del foro y de mi autoría Si desea actualizar algún tema, simplemente comentelo y lo agregaré a la lista.
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