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  1. this ones goes into the "theme" folder and you change it on the ingame settings>interfaz>theme
  2. PVP battles have a lot of variants, sometimes it depends on the region, other the type of pvp, tier or even tournament
  3. nope, its done like that, it starts after a few seconds, I did it that way to prevent the songs to feel anoying after a lot of encounters
  4. dont extract, copy the file you download into the mod folder, inside pokemmo root folder >data>mods then in game mod administration activate the mod and save
  5. after the balance 9 they just forgot to nerf wish
  6. All healing moves should have the same amount of PP
  7. Some of this themes updated and more Algunos de estos temas actualizados y mas -
  8. Update 2013 Theme: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p1khh181fya4k8d/2013_Theme_-_by_Jaden.zip/file 2013 Dark Theme: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d3lekc4b49l7wwm/2013_Theme_Dark_-_by_Jaden.zip/file
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