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  1. Hey there @AKILLIZ! Welcome to the forums! That's a great question! One option is to use multiple accounts or find a friend to help with the trade. Building friendships in the game can make trade evolutions more enjoyable and secure. I suggest connecting with other players in the community to establish trust before initiating a trade. It's not only a safer way to trade but also adds to the fun of playing together. Don't hesitate to reach out and make some in-game friends! Who knows, you might even find a trading partner for the long haul. with love, MightyMichele
  2. No, I understand your point, but for many of us, events like the Xmas Elfbot dungeon added an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. I personally missed the excitement of participating in that event and hope to see it return in the future. As player I believe Pokemmo is currently at its peak; it seems unlikely to make it any better. However, I was disappointed by the removal of the Xmas Elfbot dungeon in 2023
  3. I see what happened here. Think of it this way – you lost with style, pulling off Destiny Bond on his monster and even taking down his last one. Next time, he'll probably think twice before challenging you again! ^^
  4. Hey @Jgaw, great to see you buddy! Even though it's been confirmed that you lost fair and square. Keep your head up! Wishing you the best of luck in your future battles, and here's hoping for a win next time! Looking for see you on the highest tier!
  5. Hi. While the xp candies don't impact the economy, the way they are provided could indeed affect the economy. As a new method of earning resources, catch alphas appear to offer both profitability and enjoyment. Consequently, this has led to a shift in players' focus towards Alpha-catching as an enticing means of earning Pokeyen, potentially disrupting the balance of the game economy. When how players are less inclined to pursue Pokeyen from "bored" traditional methods - gym battles - and decide with more frequency go for catching Alphas, whether for quick gains or simply because they enjoy it more, we see a situation where Alphas divert attention from other already years balanced methods of earning PokeYen. Im glad to know @caioxlive13 that you also think that nerf the exp candy is benefitial for the game. ^^
  6. Hi@Xratello. Yeah, I empathize with you. I agree that Alphas play a significant role in the game, however my suggestion isn't meant to undermine the importance of Alphas or restrict players' ability to thrive, but looking for discuss whether we have the balance in the variety of methods of make PokeYen to keep our enjoyable gameplay on PokeMMO while preserving the game's economic stability.
  7. Hi Goku, thank you for the input. Regarding alphas: It may be that the constant influx of players logging in to catch Alphas each day may be impacting the PokeYen economy. Initially, catching Alphas often necessitates the purchase of expensive Pokeballs like Timer Balls ($1,300 each). The Alpha rewarded EXP CANDY on catch may be sold to other players on GTL for help offset the initial investment in Pokeballs, creating a cycle where players don't need to grind for PokeYen to finance their Alpha-catching endeavors. In the end, there's a notable decline in the PokeYen from players selling "free" EXP candy (also collected using alts) to other players that just want to level up the monster. Yo @LeZenor I am sorry to hear that you found my previous post elitist or that caused any offense. That was not my intention. My goal is to raise awareness about a potential issue within the economy. I believe it's important for us as a community to discuss these matters openly and respectfully, without anyone feeling marginalized or attacked. If my words were misconstrued, I sincerely regret it and I'm open to clarifying any misunderstandings. I'm up to reply you and continue this conversation constructively, keeping in mind that we all share a common interest for support our PokeMMO on these forums. I believe there may have been a misunderstanding. I don't think we should remove any existing features, rather discussing a potential impact on the game economy. Personally, I find gym battles enjoyable and rewarding, and they provide a consistent amount of PokeYen. My intention is not to devalue anyone's preferred method of grind, but rather to have a discussion on how we can maintain a healthy economy for everyone, regardless of playstyle. This concern isn't centered about my own finances, but about the broader community— I know that many are discouraged from grind as they've seen their funds dwindle in past years, a couple of times struggling to predict the economy. Best regards, MighthMichele
  8. Looking for someone specific? Maybe retired and not here to remember you.😊
  9. Oops! Someone just revealed their pokeyen fortune and location! Better hope Team Rocket doesn't see that before they start planning their next scheme. Note to self: I agree for the increase of the maximum PokeYen. Looking for accomodate a flaming skull on GTL.
  10. Hello everyone, I believe that part of the enjoyment in the game comes from players having more Pokeyen, allowing them to invest in old vanities and potentially prosper. However, it has become apparent that holding onto a variety of vanities has become challenging, as only certain ones have experienced growth. This raises the question: Are players lacking enough Pokeyen to increase the value of old vanities, or are we simply facing economic challenges within the game? I've noticed that some players are feeling disheartened by the lack of growth in the value of their items. While it's understandable to maintain a balanced economy within the game, it's important to consider the impact on player morale. It's possible that the introduction of alphas in 2022 has played a role in this situation. Alphas possess multiple enticing features, including shininess, free IVs, free candies, and hidden abilities, which may have diverted player attention and resources. In light of these concerns, I suggest a modest adjustment to discourage alpha hunting by making rarer or putting apart the free EXP. CANDIES rewards. This could potentially redirect players' focus to other enriching activities such as gym grind. Overall, I want to express my appreciation for the game and the updates it receives each year. I eagerly anticipate seeing what new features are in store for the future. Thank you for considering these suggestions. Best regards, Mightymichele
  11. I believe it's more effective to focus on educating players rather than silencing them. Rather than implementing a mute function, why not encourage a message prompt suggesting players express gratitude to their opponent for the battle, promoting respect and sportsmanship?
  12. Yeah It's a good question. Some of them are indeed configured at different expiration dates. I think it depends on the Pokemon IVs
  13. Hi i think it's: Cosmetics/Pokemon 1 month while stackable / event loots(red envelopes) 15 days
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