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  1. HELLO GOOD PEOPLE I finally got Photoshop for Mac so I am officially open for business again!!!!!!!!!! It was difficult as hell to get it am so sorry for the very long wait who still wants a sig?! ❤️
  2. @Prande sorry I cannot make it animated ? (for now)
  3. @Bilburt just a team tag change guys! everybody who is currently waiting for a sig, I sincerely apologize ?? My laptop is in its last days before dying I think and won't open Photoshop without overheating or freezing, I'm so so so so so sorry! I am getting a new PC on May 20th (in one week and a half), so I will be able to continue working on signatures then, and I'll be really really fast from now on because Photoshop will finally not lag for me anymore yay! ❤️ until then, I will try to open Photoshop once in a while and see which commissions I can do, but sadly I've been trying these last weeks and it's just not working for me. Love u all thanks for the support and loveeeeee!!!!
  4. Selling Rudolph's Antlers Limited (Released 2017) Lighting Effects
  5. seguime ❤️

    1. mayuuuuu


      mentirita ya me sigues :')

    2. camilo7


      hace rato jajaja

  6. hello father of sigs thank u ? tysm it means a lot!! (ꈍᴗꈍ) Hello! Idk if you’re still active or still want this but I was inactive when you asked for this request! lemme know
  7. Pending: - @DragoTamer - @Prande - @caioxlive13 - @KaynineXL - @xNotYourFriend - @nguyenduy - @NikhilR Complete: - Aidenjc - Stormyrite - LipeHaru ?? love u all thank you for your requests
  8. so cute!! u posted this on my birthday and she is my favorite ?
  9. my shiba inu sig is the cutest one u ever had & matches your icon more

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    2. mayuuuuu


      in my sig shop's main post u silly

    3. Bilburt


      im blind where is that

    4. Bilburt


      i aint staff no more

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