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  1. Team Name: AsgardWarriors Team Tag: Aw ♥ Registered Players: Enchanteur, Frags, Axellgor, Arca, LaMikotoMisaka, Zhiko, Facursa, xNotyourfriend, TiToooo, KiiritoX, Haazuu, JamesFaul, Ysdrag, SxTerrOr ,OoKingoO Cheerleader: Bilburt ♥ Team Captain: Enchanteur
  2. Team Name: AsgardWarriors Team Tag: Aw ♥ Registered Players: Enchanteur, Frags, Axellgor, Arca, lKillua, xPauu , LaMikotoMisaka, Zhiko, Facursa, xNotyourfriend, ernestocast, Duuax, Kanzo, KiiritoX, ZozoMlg, JamesFault, Sicklonerr, SrFrankostra, OscaToledo, Cheerleader: Bilburt ♥ Team Captain: Enchanteur
  3. Team [Aw] PokeMMO Gym Challenge - Season 1 Discord: https://discord.gg/6xxzjBMqpf Welcome, young adventurers! We are ?????? ???????? , one of the best competitive teams in-game, founded since December 2012, and the best team of 2021! We are looking for brave adventurers who dare to fare our challenge! It won't be an easy task! but those who manage to overcome it will be awarded with our prized KyAw Badge what are you waiting for? Our gym will be divided in 3 different stages in each one you can find different players and tiers. You can choose the tier of your preference from stage I to III . You must beat 1 trainer from stage I, 2 trainers from stage II and 2 from stage III. also remember if you make it to the final stage, you can't choose tier nor either the leader you want to challenge! ☆ STAGE I ☆ ✧ Available Tiers: OU, UU, NU, Randoms ★☆ STAGE II ☆★ ✧ Available tiers: OU, UU, NU, Doubles, LC Randoms ☆★☆ STAGE III☆★☆ ✧ Available tiers: OU, UU, NU, Doubles, LC ☆★☆ FINAL STAGE ☆★☆ ✧ Available tiers: OU, UU, NU, Doubles Here you will be able to fight one of our 3 Gym leaders: Enchanteur, Axellgor or Zhiko. ✧ Battles must be set to 'Tournament Mode'. In case of disconnect, there will be no rematch, even if it occurres at turn #1. ✧Tiers cannot be used 2 stages in a row (Example: If OU is used in stage 1, it would be unavailable in stage 2 but back available in stage 3) ✧ If you lose 3 times in a row you have to wait 3 days before you can challenge again one of our trainers! Post your info using the following template in our channel battle-requests on the PGC Discord and choose 1 or 2 tiers of your preference depending what stage are you on. IGN: Timezone: Chosen Tiers: Stage: ✧You can only set up battles for yourself! ✧Once someone from our team assistants have seen your post, they will tell you whether or not if there's someone available to play against you. If nobody is available to play in that moment we will keep in touch with you via DM's or in-game to set up a time/date. ? Pokémon Mansion [Sinnoh] Ch 4 Located in route 212 This will be the area the battles take place. Good luck and have fun everyone! ESPAÑOL
  4. Can't wait to see the entries of this month!!!! ?.
  5. Aw biding on Kyu's Château Gym - 25M! ♥
  6. Amazing event! You all did a wonderful job ♥
  7. I think you mean clubs? If so; https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/clubs/
  8. Do u really hate someone that much ?
  9. I am the one who won the contest !! and I agree with xJosee , they made an amazing drawing of my character (Its on my profile picture) ? or u can ask @Tear He's an amazing artist and Im pretty sure he can do an amazing job aswell ?
  10. Team Name: AsgardWarriors Team Tag: Aw ♥ Registered Players: Enchanteur, Frags, Axellgor, Arca, zMauri, LKrenz, xPauu , LaMikotoMisaka, Zhiko, Devilmephisto, Kanzo, KiiritoX, DiositoSlurpuff, TiToooo, ZozoMlg, Sicklonerr, Ysdrag, OscaToledo, Haazuu, Dedenne Cheerleader: Bilburt ♥ Team Captain: Enchanteur
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