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  1. @Onraider you owe me 200k 😄 @DarkarArtz Check ur mail ♡૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა♡
  2. 500k each ? i said up to 500k but you didn't specify =P
  3. Germany (0) vs China (0) OU: Chuckunso vs forfour @Onraider200k Dubs: Bienenstich vs lovesinile [up to 500k each] Peru (0) vs Mexico (0) NU: WarriorPast vs zMauri @DarkarArtz 300k Dubs: Eungnam vs Badbaarsito @DarkarArtz300k LC: Aldahiramirez vs KokenoCastro @DarkarArtz 300k [up to 300k each] Africa (0) vs Venezuela (0) OU: Lunarck vs Diosdadocabello @clayclover 500k UU: Poseidonwrath vs Spartafs @clayclover500k NU: Artofkilling vs wBanw @clayclover500 [up to 500k each] ୭ৎ Void if sub, dq , activity win
  4. Hola podrías hacerme una comision por favor? Me gustaria a mi pj tomando agua
  5. Not to brag but I got the cutest one 🥰
  6. It's in a ball on the Victory Road
  7. Hi cutie! 300k ea incluiding HA 💗 Muchas Gracias! 💕
  8. 🎀 IMPORTANT 🎀 Got a new discord account Pauuu#4664 Message me here if u need breeds ♡૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა♡
  9. Team name: Asgard Warriors Team tag: [Aw] Registered Players: enchanteur, Legendl, AxellGor, Frags, Zhiko, Arca, OoKingoO, sicklonerr, lKillua, KiiritoX , lLatios , DiositoSlurpuff , zKuroko , TiToooo, Haazuuu, xNotyourFriend Team captain: enchanteur
  10. Hi , I just realised It's been a year since I formally opened my shop! Thank u everyone who have ordered from me 3: As a gesture of gratefulness i want to give 1m to the 5 people that ordered the most during the past year!. ♡૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა♡..* AxellGor 54 Orders KaynineXL 40 Orders Ihsanovicx 40 Orders Facursa 37 Orders AngelGVR 30 Orders Thank you so much guys! I'll mail ur moneyasap , you're the best xD
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