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  1. in game it says is not a shiny "gift Magnezone 3x31 3x28"
  2. IGN: ClayClover Country: Venezuela Tiers: All Discord: Clayclover#7295 Fluff: Tengo fe señores
  3. bo3 matches consume too much time, it means if you can play only a couple hours and your opponent can't afford a schedule in your freetime or vice versa(it happened in Lab PSL) you will be forced to play with no a real strat or sub with a player who maybe is not ready. Not like you and/or your opponent gonna spam the same team 3 time in a row
  4. 1- my team already has one 2- i had no issues with LAB cuz' they are 4 teams, their gyms will be split in two. (lab1 + lab2) (lab3 + lab4) they won't earn the other badge and if they do, which would be the real problem? they are funding the event and it's ok. idk if you still don't get it. 3- which is your real complain about? or are just chattering about an event you weren't going to attend
  5. i won in last UU seasonal 10k rp = more than 30m, so tell me
  6. then Why didn't you make a counter-bid at the moment?
  7. Completely recommended, she trained all my pokes and was pretty gentle Thank u!!!!!! ❤️
  8. idk but i feel this is somewhat unnecesary. 1- There is no hackers in this game, the furthest i've seen are bug abusers, and only seen when the game implement new content. 2- you can quickly feedback your battle in "battle log" as soon you end your fight also the amount of pvp carried out in a day must be considered, which are thousands. this could slow down the performance of the server in the long-term if we save each pvp on video
  9. 1. i can't find any problem to rough skin garchomp 2. Impostor ditto screws up any boosted mon. (Just imagine a +6 boosted gyarados, then a choice scarf +6 atk +6speed ditto appears to sweep you) also conditionates your opponent to not boost. 7- bruh
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