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  1. IGN: lLatios Preferred Tiers: all Competitive accolades: poke from profeinstein in lc? Discord contact: Latios #4547 Fluff: I want a third season on the bench
  2. I'm a gossip and a copycat Put a "Crab" if you support Stark Tyrants Put a "Thanks" if you support kangaskhan's Golden Horde GL both
  3. Stark Tyrants (0) vs (0) Absolutely Darkness OU: ForFour vs Lunarck 300k NU: woxiangsinile vs Axellgor 200k OU: DoubleJ vs zLumiere 100k I'm fine for taking any lower amounts for all of these if you prefer. Rules (as per usual) : Void if Substitution, Disqualification, Activity or loss due to Internet break. Basically anything that makes the duel not worthy of betting Take
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