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  1. Team Tag + Name: [HDLM] SonsOfTheDeath Registered Players: JasonSparrowX, RealDevilLegend, JefesonCaminohes, HaxNotFunny, SkuIIDeus, Tawlaa, VadimEmpoleon, xmamboking, PanaderoQQ, DylanWoodz, JorgeFirebolt, Makx, Yaritan, RohMartinez, AaronRC Team Captain: JasonSparrowX
  2. Team Tag + Name: HDLM SonsOfTheDeath Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, VadimEmpoleon, AaronRC, Tawlaa, JorgeFirebolt, AkaruKokuyo, JasonSparrowX, TheBlueJoker, zBrann, NecroSkullDark, SkullDeus, Yaritan, xxBehemotBladexx, xxLazaro Team Captain: Nagahex
  3. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: Nagahex, RealDevilLegend, AaronRC, JasonSparrowX, VadimEmpoleon, xxLazaro,Tawlaa, JorgeFirebolt, AkaruKokuyo, zBrann, Yaritan, SkuIIDeus, NecroskullDark, DylanWoodz, Josuaxgor Team Captain: NagaHex
  4. IGN: RealDevilLegend Tier: All (Pref OU SS) Discord: RDL#0626 Fluff: I lost all games
  5. Tag: HDLM Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Player: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, Pablobacas, CarolML, zBrann, Neblinamist, xxLazaro, Tawlaa, JorgeFirebolt, AkaruKokuyo, NecroSkullDark, SkuIIDeus, Yaritan, Jmilan, Makx Captain: Nagahex
  6. IGN: RealDevilLegend Accolades: Lose all finals like a boss. Fluff: I want to lose other final more 🙂
  7. Edited Round Robin < Swiss PokeMMO IGN: RealDevilLegend Showdown IGN: RDL93 Discord: RDL#0626
  8. Events Firedogs presents... Hello people, NagaHex and I (RealDevilLegend) are interested in organizing some VGC tournaments, which is a format that I really like and I would like to host one exclusively for PokeMMO players; obviously this will be played on Pokémon showdown. Date: 4-5 March at 14:00 GMT maybe. Price: 1st 2,5M and 2nd 500K (the price could buffed if someone is interested in donating). Rules: VGC23 S2 rules with open team sheet. (Deadline to upload your team Friday 3). Only 1 team for the whole tournament. Sign up: Pokemmo IGN: Showdown Nick: Discord (Opcional): Minimum 16 player to hold the tournament
  9. pablobacas cheating manager vs docpbc worst manager
  10. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: NagaHex, RealDevilLegend, PabloBacas, CarolML, AkaruKokuyo, Necroskulldark, zBrann, DylanWoodz, JorgeFirebolt, Yaritan, Godhelll, SkullDeus, xxLazaro, VadimEmpoleon, Neblinamist, Tawlaa, Makx, UriiGG, AaronRC, KsusG Team Captain: NagaHex
  11. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs (0) Sweet Child O'Mime OU: ArtOfKilling vs iMat OU: ZioMOJI vs Juanchoqui OU: Azphiel vs AlphaxStriker Absolutely Darkness (0) vs (0) Cloddy Cloud Clodsires OU: CHUCKunso vs shuiqing OU: Lunarck vs ShanQi OU: zLumiere vs Quest Beedrilled (0) vs (0) Fire Force O: Gabuchox vs Heichicoda OU: Brumoso vs CarolML OU: Aerun vs Pablobacas Stark Tyrants (0) vs (0) My Dress Up Deerling TÚ: FourFour vs Luke OU: Mkns vs Elvessss O: Facursa vs LpZ
  12. Team Tag + Name: [HDLM] SonsOfTheDeath Registered Players: Nagahex, RealDevilLegend, Pablobacas, xxLazaro, zBrann, Jmilan, JorgeFirebolt, NecroskullDark, VadimEmpoleon, Tawlaa, SkuIIDeus, GodHelll, CarolML, Yaritan, DylanWoodz Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
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