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  1. Don't flat out remove it, remove the ladder. It's still included in a lot of fun unofficial events and in my opinion that's where it's most enjoyable.
  2. I hate that this is on a Sunday, but if anyone needs a player/sub let me know.
  3. IGN: Sargeste Tiers: Randoms, UT, Monotype Discord: sargeste
  4. So much for gbwead thinking there might be a brain somewhere in your head.
  5. This comment is a prime example of why you should not be allowed to post on any of the competitive forum threads.
  6. Currently working on one as well. Won't be able to actually finish it until this weekend since there is a lot to look at.
  7. Who do we present a write-up to if we have one?
  8. I hope not, but going by the post that was made in the original August thread it wasn't specified.
  9. Just want to make sure I understand this correctly: If (when?) mons like Alakazam, Ninetales, and Politoed get their hidden abilities, they will stay in NU for at least the rest of this month? That seems like a pretty baffling decision to me.
  10. Specifically for Covert Cloak, the message that plays when a mon is sent out holding a King's Rock/Focus Band ("x flashed it's KR/FB!") would probably solve the no open sheet problem.
  11. I would honestly rather see Blaziken leave than Milotic drop.
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