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  1. I'd argue it's a broken pivot for offensive teams, but if we're dismissing it and not creating a separate thread, UU guys will have to live with it.
  2. Can we have a discussion thread regarding Blissey?
  3. Regardless of your stance on this individual situation's result, the worst part about this is the complete lack of consistency regarding punishment for something like this. I personally don't care if permaban is the end result for wintrades, but if it is, every single case where there is concrete proof better come with an irreversible ban without any exceptions.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not derail the thread.This should be about celebrating the time we had with our friend Art. I am sad to see you go. Very much enjoyed watching you play.
  5. I think you 100% disable the trapping moves rather than BP. In UU specifically, off the top of my head there would be a couple consequences if Baton Pass was nerfed instead: 1: (As already mentioned) Ambipom loses its ability to avoid being Pursuit trapped by things like Spiritomb and Bisharp, making it a far less reliable check to weather and HO archetypes. 2: Non-Fire Spin Ninetales gets nerfed, (and in turn so does Sun) because it can no longer pivot out, which is currently useful in a wide variety of situations. 3: A somewhat niche set, but Umbreon can no longer be a slow pivot to pass Wish. I'm sure there are more than just these three, but I'm going off memory currently. This also doesn't mention the effects to other tiers, but Alomomola's pivoting ability in NU comes to mind right away.
  6. 1: It's being tested, and I'm sure it will eventually be banned. I am not happy with it in UU either, but if most people want a test (and as Orange said, there isn't really a way to quick ban it), this is the way we have to go about doing so. "Is it even worth the time to run calcs" is not the way to prove your point. 2: There are special attackers that threaten Blissey, and if you care to read back one page, they have already been mentioned (in the likely case you won't read that far, see calcs for any CM sweeper with access to Psyshock, namely Sigilyph). +1 252 SpA Life Orb Sigilyph Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 200-238 (55.2 - 65.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery This assumes Sigilyph can set up a CM, and given the stall teams we are seeing Blissey on so far, that is incredibly easy to do. If I had the time to post even more for you, I would do so. Check out all your Psyshock options though, you'll find something you like. 3: Physical mons do threaten Blissey, even in the case Reflect is up (ignoring the fact that you yourself posted the common allies of Blissey, and no one in their right mind is running screens Sableye in stall), because Sableye is a common enough mon that Brick Break is a viable option on things like Bisharp and Salamence among others. Bisharp trashes both Sableye and Blissey. My worry is the Blissey + Dusclops core, which is only broken reliably by Heracross (feel free to correct me if there are more options, but I haven't seen any I would call reliable). This core implies no screens, which makes your Reflect point moot. Anyone in this thread can give you an extensive list of calcs from physical mons that will have no problem killing Blissey. I would encourage you to watch higher level players use Blissey (TT is this weekend) and formulate some better opinions to get your point across.
  7. Since I can't answer for TC, I'll offer my answer to number 2: Absolutely not. P2 was a nightmare when it was last tested in UU and I see no reason it wouldn't be even more of one again given we are one very threatening wallbreaker down this time around (Crawdaunt). The only justification for unbanning Porygon2 would be to get rid of BL's entirely and just let everything go by usage. Staraptor, Haxorus, and I'm sure Lucario eventually would all drop among others. A stupid idea in my opinion, but the game's tier council also thought that Contrary Serperior was a UU caliber mon when it was first released, so anything is possible!
  8. Oh good, prepare for Blissey + Dusclops everywhere.
  9. Don't forget Jynx, which is a criminally underrated check to Blastoise and the best revenge killer that exists for Qwilfish. I would also not call Ditto's 4.3% usage anything close to being "forced." There is plenty of counterplay to Blastoise outside of Ditto in terms of walls (Lanturn, Milo, Eel, Jynx as previously mentioned, plus things like Abomasnow, Munchlax for standard special sets) and revenge killers, even at +2 (Scarf users such as Galvantula *which also revenges Torterra*, Alakazam, Cinccino, to name a few. Not a problem in my opinion.
  10. I meant that as in I think it'd just be quickbanned, sorry I wasn't more clear.
  11. A couple weeks early, but if Blissey ends up below cutoff to drop to UU, are we actually going through the trouble of testing it?
  12. When is the Raikou discussion thread coming? Certainly that's far more of a problem than Shaymin.
  13. Wasn't the main problem with Shaymin originally not the mon itself, but the 40% chance for Seed Flare to cut the target's Special Defense in half? I always thought nerfing the chance to something like 10% would fix a lot of people's issues with it. The drop turns some of its theoretical checks into death fodder if dropped (Mandibuzz and Bronzong to name a couple, depending on the Shaymin's full moveset). I also agree with the idea of banning sleep moves altogether, but of course it would have to be discussed in-depth in a different thread.
  14. We already banned Venomoth who is FAR less immediately threatening than Yanmega. Why would it not be suspect tested?
  15. Team Tag: [VOW] Team Name: SolemnPromise Registered Players: Tawlaa, Sebat, Wolfangt, Sargeste, SnowOT, BitterAtMons, HogniRagnar, COCHETAS, OrangeManiac, JeanMarcH, NecasInTrouble, Imabetheverybest, imBlindSpot, Enchanteeur, SweeTforU Team Captain: Sargeste
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