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  1. Whats your In Game Name, I will send you one
  2. Dubs: Kepzal (Colombia) vs YJos (Rest of Latam) in 20 min
  3. InuYashaL vs Pablobacas right now Seems like they forgot to post
  4. Philippines SiniGang | Rest of Latam BossJakePH vs Haazuu EDIT1: We having a remake in 1h, maybe Jake's internet improve EDIT2: Jake doesnt want to play so I guess Im going to take the win
  5. Philippines SiniGang vs Rest of Latam OU1: kuzeee vs Waaynee After Moi vs CristianArce
  6. IGN: Haazuu* Country: Nicaragua Preferred Tiers: NU Discord Tag: Jaazuu#0410
  7. Team Name: Blacked Captain: Frags Players: StokesAG, Haazuu, enchanteur, Frags, Endirei, pablobacas, Mihawk, Lactosoid, Snow0t, Mendez Subs: Zyzd, phylla
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