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  1. Madara dont even give a shit about this
  2. Keep dreaming guys , its free
  3. @MaatthewMLGtu fais toujours les sig ? @hamizossveut acheter
  4. They're just waiting for people to get borred of contrat ans Magic bounce (the New hidden ability thé only one i Saw usefull) then they will release torch ans pitchfork After that comes halloween , After halloween comes christmas , After that lunar New year , After that comes the update , sée u next year guys
  5. No mega , but another gen yea maybe
  6. I dont think they will add something to pvp bro 😞
  7. Cant wait for 3rd part . What are you predictions guys for this 3rd part? What could it be?
  8. I heard that the host dont want africa in his world cup , is that true ?
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