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  1. U just not lucky, but u'll get one soon dont worry keep it up
  2. No oliver no 😞
  3. Also forget to mention that if u prankster went first that 100% mean that the scizor didnt use bullet punch
  4. Prankster have +1 on statut moves Bullet punch is a +1 move Here the speed will judge who hit first Means if the scizor is faster then ur sableye then his bullet punch will be faster then u
  5. Because managers just pick their friends , i mean look at queest team and mdm you will see players that probably u never heard about , and that was stupid tbh , psl is made to win the tour not to collect your friends
  6. The nature u getting is neutral , check iv , if all 15 that means shiny locked
  7. Half of them are coached but take anyway
  8. Keep ur player buy adding something new to the game , i dont think dropping slowbro regen (exemple) will bring back old players , add gen 6 for exemple and u will get many new + old players with new meta etc... Also pve players will get back to shunt new gen, What is that the game is getting boring with or without HA , they need something strong to get back the hype.
  9. Tawla

    Account ban

    Start a new account, you will never get it back
  10. Ign: Jgaw Timezone: utc+1 Discord: jgaw Tiers: all main dubs Fluff: blabla Donation : soon
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