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  1. IGN: aftershocker tiers: 1v1, mono, randoms, untiered discord: aftershocker#0351
  2. IGN: aftershocker Country: USA Tiers: OU UU NU Discord: aftershocker#0351
  3. IGN: aftershocker Tiers: UU Discord: aftershocker#0351
  4. IGN: aftershocker Region: USA (Texas baby) Tiers: UU NU OU Notes: Will probably be done with school when this starts #NORE Discord: aftershocker#0351
  5. Nincadas with Attitude vs Just Blaziken It M-Dubs: EYL vs Zokuru The Ruthless Rotoms vs Devil Bats NU: xLuneth vs MexiDany M-OU: Darker vs Frags The Trashtalking Taillows vs Sailor Lunatones OU1: BlueBreath vs Senjutsuka OU2: Pablobacas vs DoubleJ UU: QuinnW vs Kaarnaa NU: JamesFaul vs TheWorst Dubs: iJulianFNT vs HALOTT LC: PoseidonWrath vs Inxss Vermilion Villains vs Empoleon Bonapartists Dubs: Rendi vs Superman 100k each 500k Tailows win this week
  6. IGN: aftershocker Reason: need a reason to login Preferred Tiers: UU NU LC Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Undefeated last WC, NORE. Nuff said Discord contact (optional):aftershocker# 0351 Other random stuff: will be a little busy with school/ work but I'll make it work.
  7. starmind is taken, blackblak is all yours
  8. 100k on the following matches NU - Abstractt VS wiriketchup SMOU - xUltraJesus Vs Lkrenz OU - PolitoBlack Jaawax UU - Thuxs VS Mkns NU - RaiderOP VS Kriliin Dubs - Zigh VS Santiii -Moi LC - BoysCap VS Yaritan OU - MentalSoft VS Lvke UU - MamoswineZ VS BlueBreath Doubles - Blackblak VS Rendi - xiaolinggg SMOU - Starmind VS LifeStyle -RNGive UU - DarkCeGn VS Umbramol -Moi 1 person per bet, void if sub All bets have been paid
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