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  1. Would 100% agree if we were playing anything other than pokemon, and/or if it wasn't 3v3 The more precise you are the less impact the odd rng can have on standings
  2. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: VOW Registered Players: Draekyn Susume Forfiter Sargeste BitterAtMons DrewQ Pottina NecasInTrouble Suneet Atlewis BaliAds LoneAzn DridrigoFK Dithyrambique CHUCKunso Team Captain: Draekyn
  3. About us VOW was created on the 3rd of February 2022 by Draekyn, OrangeManiac, CHUCKunso, Zigh, Imabetheverybest & Parke. We are a group of long-established players, all hailing from VVVV. Though we gathered a plethora of new & interesting faces under this new banner, our goal remains the same: to be the most successful team in PokeMMO. What we offer We offer our members an ideal atmosphere to flourish regardless of their goals. We are mostly focused on PvP but enjoy the occasional PvE event, as such we have a host of experienced players ready to assist newcomers. We host weekly events, one on Saturday & one on Sunday. Saturday's are always a double-elimination tournament with rotating tier, Sunday's are often more relaxed & fun-focused although we sometimes host our bigger tournaments on Sunday. We have an active Discord and a competent team at the helm to organize events & the daily life of the team. Requirements 18+ & mature Active & social A sensible amount of hours spent on the game All regions completed Contacts Council: @CHUCKunso ChuckUnso#5884; @OrangeManiac OrangeManiac#3028; @Draekyn Draek#0441; @Imabetheverybest1 Chaingo#9187 Executives: @BaliAds BaliAds#1322; @NecasInTrouble NecasInTrouble#2689; @Sargeste Sargeste#1953
  4. @KaynineXLPut up a vote for Caio to get a forum profile picture so we can see easier when to keep scrolling down
  5. Dates Captain Signups - Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of October Player Signups - Monday 10th to Saturday 15th Draft - Sunday 16th Duration - 7 weeks (5 weeks of regular season, 2 weeks of playoffs) Format Teams of 5 - Round Robin - Snake Draft Tiers OU / UU / NU / Doubles / Randoms Matches Location Indigo Plateau Ch.4 A Discord server role will be selectable to get pinged for matches as they will happen whenever players are available during the week. New learnsets and HAs, when available, will be in play for this event. Event open to friends of the team. Hit me up if you don't have the Discord (Draek#0441) Prize TBA - Taking donations
  6. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: [VOW] Registered Players: Sargeste, Hysteriantics, LynxL, DridrigoFK, TohnR, Draekyn, StriderxD, RexB, Atlewis, OoExcoveroO, HSNQX, Senjutsuka Team Captain: Draekyn
  7. Can you touch on the mons Chuck mentionned? (Some sciz sets first one that comes to mind is occa, roserade(NC for glare), Venu) At least rose doesn’t really care about glare Infiltrator helps slightly Bat still gets crippled by glare on the switch in but can’t be subbed on Chande same but more susceptible to serp being paired with a pursuit trapper Probably not enough on its own We’re not seeing Heatran/Zapdos anytime soon correct AV Tangrowth, doesn’t do much more than the other defensive mons mentionned other than not losing to sub seed, still gets crippled by glare In the event that it has to go, in order to make a clear statement that it’d return eventually I feel you guys should have some clue of what is needed exactly to get it to a point where it can If AV + Regen on Tangrowth + infiltrator is enough in your minds, should prolly state that so the devs have a roadmap (kekw mmo devs with a roadmap)
  8. Introduce AV along with 65bp Knock Off and more non-problematic HAs
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