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  1. Hello 2024!!

    October 2024 soon.




  2. My suggestion is to make starter pokemons 6x (+25) instead of 6x15. Maybe even 6x31 since it is no stat change nature. Reason: It's very pitiful when you completed story and started to learn about IV, you realise the starter pokemon you developed slowly and u trusted till now is very very very weak... And it cannot help you anymore. So you will release it. If possible I would like to see all gift pokemons from story to be 6x25.
  3. Features Lures Lures are special items which attract more foes in the overworld. They're effective up to 250 steps and are available in all Marts after Badge 2 of your character's region. I bought today with spending 1,500 pokeyen (not RP). Are you talking about this lure? Edit: Oops. Sorry, just realised there is also premium lures. Hmmmm slightly more effective 🤔
  4. I am following "official events" but I prefer to follow only -catch events- (becuz we cannot see them in game) Solutions: 1- Make it possible to see catch events in game. or 2- Create a new thread for "official casual (not pvp) events" so i will not get too many notifications which i can already see in game what tournament is next... thx.
  5. It's sad. I'm sure there are still countless minutes we didn't use yet, we could spend time fishing or chatting. Well, quitting is a part of pokemon game. I did 4 times before and came back. So I'm sure you will come back later too, 


    You know how to find me 🙂

  6. I would like to request a "notes" page in game where i can check/remind what i was doing last time to continue... For a To-Do-List.
  7. A new way into pokemon breeding business. Donations.
  8. Surprise ! ?


    I'm alive, yup, but that's not the surprise ?


    Happy Birthday To You Diana! 




    Of course, a pink cake for you. Be happy forever! ?

  9. I prefer vermillion to stay AFK. welcome ~
  10. First of all, we need PU, Second, metronome tournaments It could be great to have Battle Tower or Battle Frontier-like building which you can only enter battles with LC tier pokes (lv5) and so players could use these pokemons outside of Player Vs Player battles. Whatever removing LC without any explanation everyone can nod, feels wrong for me.
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