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  1. The battle tab already shows who is spectating you so i see no reason to have a list doing the same thing. About spectators helping your opponent to beat you theres no way to stop this even if they stop/disable them from whispering they can still communicate through discord.
  2. I like phenos the way they are making them easier to find would probably devalue prices of gems as well as the experience of getting Audino/alomomola as they would be easier to find.
  3. I personally don't like the idea of someone being able to see my play time or accomplishments without my permission. This suggestion of yours violates that. I feel like its envasive and forces players' private info to be out there. If you want to see another player's hours or badges etc just have them send you a ss on discord.
  4. When doing pvp sometimes I get so engaged I forget to pay attention to the timer and this results in timing out. so I think it would be helpful to have a sound notification when your timer reaches like 20secs or something to warn players when they get low on time. The sound could perhaps work almost in the same way as the sound notification for low hp. Please feel free to make any additions or subtractions to this idea.
  5. Well part of the fun in catching a legendary is running away/ hiding with it so if you indicate where it is on the map or make it easier for people find who has it then it will take away the hide and seek aspect of the hunt. As for people who spend like an hour plus with the legendary you can always put a time limit on how long anyone can keep a legendary per day . As for checking whether a legendary is in the wild I do like the idea and i think he suggestion made by Jorgefirebolt would be perfect.
  6. What if you're so bad u cant seem to get out of the 300 rating do you still get banned?
  7. I think more people prefer doubles to singles. The battles are more creative so wouldn't it be a good idea to implement doubles in match making?
  8. or maybe making shinies limited for each breed could be an option. Like for example there can only be 5 catchable charmander shinies in the entire game then if you want to catch or breed a shiny charmander of your own you have to have the existing one first then release it then start shiny hunting for the charmander again. I know 5 is a small number but it would make the shiny a lot more precious. They could limit the number of shinies to the number the people already have . For example say that there are 100 shiny chandelure (including pre-evos)already in the server then the max number of shiny chandelures(including pre-evos) that the server can have is set to 100. that way it wont like take away the hardwork the shiny hunters have put in to catch the pokes. however in the case where pple go offline for years with the shiny poke like 3yrs or more the shiny can be auto confiscated and released into the wild.
  9. My fav is skamory. I mean like Whirlwind conter spike roost is ultimate bliss. Can be lots of fun in pvp :3
  10. Sorry i meant to say roll back an evolution without rebreeding it. As for movesets couldnt you just make it that the conflicting moves are removed.
  11. I wish there was a way to reverse an evolution. Like changing a Persian back into a meowth. It would be great if it could be done through bps or rps.
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