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  1. So mysterious, Chaos is really one of the best event host!
  2. IGN: DridrigoFK Tiers: Untiered/ Monotype Discord: HeitorFK#6490
  3. IGN: DridrigoFK Country: Brazil Tiers: UU/ NU Discord: HeitorFK#6490
  4. What tiers will be allowed on the finale tournament?
  5. My IGN is: DridrigoFK Thanks Tear ❤️
  6. It will be fun, Chaos never let us down!!!
  7. IGN: DridrigoFK Preferred tiers: All. Competitive accolades: I was seasonal tournament winner in UU (gold crown) and NU (bronze crown). Discord contact: HeitorFK#6490 Fluff: I love learning new competitive tiers and teambuilding, otherwise I´m very excited with this event and I will work hard to represent the team ❤️ Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: In this moment I fine with anyone.
  8. Player One: DridrigoFK Player Two: CeltonRX Team name: The Losers
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