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  1. They will spend part of their time ensuring the game's anti-cheating system. One of the reasons I play this game is that you don't have to pay to get enough game items, but one problem with games like this is anti-cheat, people can get game coins through automated scripts, and I have witnessed countless similar cases of games are beaten by scripts. I agree with you about the lack of communication. recover pp nerf is completely a product that does not consider balance and competitiveness.
  2. Dugtrio now could trap more pokemon which he should not to. Endeavor+eq kills chansey(0hp iv), eq kills mienshao after 1 turn life orb recoil damage. With smack down it even kills Zapdos. With sash+endeavor, it could stops cm Suicune and Reuniclus sweep the game. In my opinion, Dugtrio could keep it's role to do the counter play: ttar, zone, volcarona, kabutops etc. So most of time it should becomes useless just like it was two years ago with Dugtrio. When it wasnt 100 atk and no Endeavor, it was fine. We could just nerf it back, if it is still not healthy, ban it.
  3. Tag:KKKKK Players: ZioMOJI, XiaoSH, lncieroar, Konishiwa, Konbauo, KDQ Big thanks to Necas and BaliAds for hosting such a exciting tour.
  4. UU now has Bronzong, Entei and Mandibuzz. It is time to drop shaymin Also it has Politoed, we could test Torkoal UU
  5. wake up in 3 am and let's have stall vs stall breakfast♥
  6. Before UT add as official tier in PSL it need UT tour to test the tier, usage etc. We have plenty of time on it.
  7. I quite like new tier add in PSL tho, you wont see it in TT, in TCL or in any other tour, and How about add UT? Idk what other feels about new tier, last year DPP attract me alot because it is something new to explore, to play, to watch or whatever. But I agree the point upthere says the transparency of showdown players(maybe)
  8. Tag team: [Oa] Team Name: Original Registered Players: ZioMOJI, zhoudaoxiangu, Paddyrice, GYDDG, VFoxdemonMax, Angelaba, XiaoSH, KDQ, Konishiwa, Gragon, AeOKC, lncieroar, vQAQv, Coconeko, SJTAWJ Team Captain: ZioMOJI
  9. bro it still stays in someone's mind, this game last for many years, someone really did it? Even if you spend a week playing Eelek, won't the number of other Pokémon played increase during the week......?
  10. Rank winrate/usage is fine, I dont see any problem cause by that when they doing the tier movement. And I do not think tour usage/winrate make these things better. because still billions of copycat there. And you mentioned artificially rise, would you like to show a example of any pokemon artificially rised? I think usage rise up shows a pokemon fit this metagame, Such as bronzong rise to OU when CB mamos became so popular, and now people starting change back to sash because OU meta became more offensive, then Brongzong drop back to UU like what we see right now. Even it is Yoyoing or something but we can see the reason.
  11. but I dont this it is right to drop Salamence and move Empoleon to OU Last time even with Empoleon in UU and Salamence get banned
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