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  1. There has been an unlucky player who found 2 shinies in the same horde 😞 Had to kill one to catch the other
  2. @angryfatbear Usually Smeargle with Soak, False Swipe & Spore is optimal for these You also want to catch a rotom in advance so you can get max benefits from the repeat ball during the event 🙂 Good luck !
  3. Expectations should always be low when it comes to World Cup. Not a single one of these was hosted decently 🤣
  4. Couldn't be bothered to play one more event tbh. Can't wait for people to say their team is the best for winning this when nobody else cares 💪
  5. They have infinite time on the timer, not making a single move. You can't PP stall them
  6. Please consider raising these guys now so we don't lose time in this centralized metagame for 1 more month. Thanks ! Also looking for discussions about Machamp, Porygon-Z, Empoleon & Feraligatr ... I was defending the "Wait & See" argument with new HAs supposed to drop in part3 of the event but it's been a while now and nothing seems to be comming. So it should be about time
  7. IGN : TohnR Tiers : 1v1 / Monotype >> UT >> Randoms >> Losers Game Discord : TohnR#9975 Feel free to DM me if you want me, so we can discuss what you plan to use me for. Rest assured that I will not leak any piece of information 😄
  8. You don't usually need your catcher and your thiefer to be the same pokemon. Breloom does a better job at catching mons. Banette and other Friskers do a better job at thiefing. You can also take note of Quaggsire used as a Thiefer to prevent geodudes from self destructing (with Damp) when doing Rock Smash farm
  9. Obviously this one. Also stop asking questions when you already know the answer Also hope my manager is rich cause I'm not gonna invest in 9 1v1 sets for each week :'D
  10. Excuse me but what the fucking hell is this prize? Wailord isn't even remotely viable in Under Used...
  11. That thread is so active ... Much hype @CaptnBaklava gg my man you win 2m, and the biggest bet of the tournament surely
  12. It bounces defog which is the main way to remove opposing screens. So it a way yes it prevents screesn removal, your only way left is "Brick Break" which is not really used but might be because of that The amount of turns screens are up is still 8 if holding light clay, that's not what they are talking about ?
  13. Yea agree. Especially stuff like Weezing and Blissey can beat it reliably, I later realized about the Weezing novelty I wouldn't try to check it with a Dragon praying it doesn't carry Dragon Pulse, because it has no reason not to realistically I still think that Serperior is too good for UU, where it has no need for dragon moves and covers almost everything with HP Fire & Leaf Storm. Most of its answers like Crobat actually hate to come into a Substitute and get Paralyze abused, besides RotomHeat which is thankfully a fairly common pokemon in the tier. Even tho an healthy Serperior can beat a standard Rotom thanks to Substitutes on Overheat, but whatever I guess it'll rise by usage at one point About Venusaur I don't really know yet so I don't want to voice my opinion but appreciate what has been said so far
  14. Cool event Kay ? (Also don't forget to purchase your gym @teams)
  15. Why ain't Serp already in OU ? The mon will clearly be a top tier there, and could even be argued to be ban worthy (I can only see 2 viable counters in Venu and Blissey, we are missing Heatran tbh) Also sad moment for my guy Zoroark who was an absolute beast in UU for the past 2 seasons, and finally rizes the moment it is the worst in the metagame, with Roost on Empoleon and Machamp in EVERY SINGLE team ? Magneton is the one that should've rose this season ... Ever usage
  16. Let's make a deal, Capybara hat and we don't complain about the delay when it's out ?
  17. Hopefully not. No fun to prep 3 lineups each week, and if you can't swap it's also dumb
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