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  1. IGN: Wallarro Motivation: I have always wanted to be manager of an event of this level and I had the opportunity to direct Venezuela in the last World Cup and in my opinion we did a good performance we did not get the trophy but we defeated the biggest ones and with that it seems good to me. I am a very good motivating agent, I celebrate your victories even if it is minimal and your defeats will not bother me unless you did not want to compete. I am active. I'm quite competitive, I've won a few tournaments and I've been in this kind of competition. I'm a good person, we'll get along. #WrathBan #SweetNoob #Latiosismyfan
  2. Nobody but absolutely nobody is going to do that, if it was with players fresh out of kindergarten maybe
  3. I'm worried that the UU is full of wallbreakers.
  4. I guess the Yanmega + Dugtrio combination would be dangerous.
  5. 500k to Venezuela, if Venezuela wins you give me 2m (Current result : Argentina 3-0 Venezuela)
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