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  1. I'm genuinely annoyed that some posts have been removed and someone actually received warning points without prior warning on this thread for something pretty mild for PSL standards and just in general. It definitely doesn't warrant a whole week ban from forums. What @MathewMatposted was legitimate criticisms for the sake of the integrity of the event given that the actions of Doc jeopardised entire seasons in the past. This is the main thread announcing this season's PSL where we discuss the new host and the event, so I'm not really sure how that constitutes derailing in all honesty. Can't we not share our concerns without the risk of receiving a warning point because a certain someone can't stand the fact that we won't look past actions they've made in the past and continues to this day to take no accountability whatsoever? That's ridiculous, we might as well not have a thread in the first place. Beside, these decisions to ban Doc were made public and were done by previous hosts which are players, this is common knowledge for anyone that isn't an outsider. This is no account ban, there is no digging dirt on anybody here, no one is revealing private information. So which is it ? Drama or no drama? Or does it not apply to you? Rules for thee and not for me? He brought you drama but you shrugged it off and told staff to remove it. Or are you gonna argue that it was against some forum rules? Worst things have been said on other PSL threads in the past. Staff have always shown some leniency in this regard. This is extremely mild in comparison.
  2. Could we adjust the rules so that matches can be bought with money as well, it would make things much simpler
  3. Agreed, very refreshing addition and overall good content. Please don’t keep your hard work locked behind seasonal events, this is a much needed endgame content!
  4. I really don’t think it has anything to do with arrogance. I think they’ve learned from previous years that making no promises is better than making empty promises. They used to do it more often in the past, but people were actually pretty mad and were giving them more shit when they would not deliver on time. I believe that whatever project they are working on is not up to their quality standards and are spending more time polishing it and correcting issues that can be detrimental to user experience and I don’t blame them for doing that and I also don’t blame them for not getting too much into details. I’m sure they are not happy themselves that they couldn’t finish on time and take no pleasure in adding delays. It’s fair to be disappointed and we can argue about the lack of communication but I think the contempt you have towards them is the actual arrogance and selfishness that is on display, not theirs
  5. Community Combats and Yetto’s Taillow Time hosted during mostly EU timezones did fail to fill 16-seat tours by the end of LC and at that point we would only see the same players actually playing in them. I think most of the reasoning behind the decision were stated in their official statement at the time and in my opinion, still holds up to this day. As far as we’re concerned, none of the reasons listed in caos’ post were actual reasons given by staff except for point number 3. The rest is all speculations. We can debate why LC “failed“ as a tier but that is not to be confused with what prompted the staff to remove it
  6. I think they should fire themselves out of their jobs, that will teach them :^)
  7. Pvp exclusive hats are purely cosmetic, legendaries are defintely not. That's just false equivalencey. Neither cosmetics nor shinies give you an edge over your adversaries like legendaries do. Some legendaries can be played with different moveset and natures meaning having to own several of the same pokemon just so you can be on par with the meta. Sure you can change movesets and natures, redo EVs and all but that's not practical and also quite expensive every time you must adapt your pokemon. So in order to acquire all of those pokemon, you either have to hunt for them, if the current legendary cycle allows it and if you can spare several hours a day that month before a new cycle begins, or spend tens of millions through GTL or trades to fill your pc, as more new legendaries are rolling out. It's not unreasonable to think this isn't fair. I think most people would be fine if the means to acquire legendaries were actually challenging the players and not insufferable endless grind based on rng, especially given how important they are for the competitive scene
  8. Only the rightful king of England could pull the sword out of the stone, does that mean all the unworthy, luckless, non-pve players are not deserving of finding their legendaries? If you catch my drift
  9. Why you gotta gatekeep the thread dude, nobody asked for your input either yet you've posted twice already, which is totally fine but what he said was totally on-topic and I could find myself agreeing with his post, why shouldn't he be allowed to share his opinion as well? You're free to disregard him if you disagree. That was just unnecessary It might not be a problem for Mkns but it might just be for other players, just saying
  10. My biggest disappointment is both Kyu and Desu not updating their profile pics for the holidays…
  11. Yes we need some clarification here since EDT stops being observed on Nov. 5 (UTC -4) and we move to EST (UTC -5)
  12. Piracy isn’t the same thing as cheating in the game and doesn’t share the same legal ramifications
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