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  1. Looking forward to the PSL of team [PSL]
  2. I cannot contain my excitement knowing that we will have the white tiger variant for the next year of the tiger in 2034! Can't wait!
  3. Raving Raboot Full Metal Alcremie Phantump Pain Zealous Zweilous Mienfoo Fighters Weaselly Weaviles Full Melmetal Jacket
  4. Last season we had a "veteran" manager whose team did absolutely terrible and he ended up being last because he was out of touch with the competitive scene. Dunno if anyone would want his help Daryl made a better job and he was supposed to be the wildcard manager
  5. you know JJ is mad when he's at his 4th meme using sleepy joe as template to describe gb
  6. who is this damn Bill Gates guy and why does he keep ruinning the auction
  7. How ironic to bring ethics into play when these people didn't have any regard whatsoever for the rules and the integrity of the previous seasons
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