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  1. Lando-T is BW2 only anyways so wait until the next region
  2. In the current dev mandated competitive hellscape I'm surprised they haven't buffed it.
  3. This is an excellent question The official story was that they didn't want to add stuff that could potentially make a pokemon uber because that'd remove a lot of player effort hence why, when gen 5 was being developed, the devs consulted the tc and got advice on what to remove, including Hydrei's draco, SB Blaziken, ST Gothitelle. Obviously this changed and they no longer follow the TC's guidance and now follow Gamefreak's changes nilly willy without any second guesses, removing half of the defensive meta game without caring about player effort. So when are we getting Speed Boost Blaziken with 1.3 boosts each turn?
  4. Zapdos should have been the first legendary added into the game.
  5. There's literally no reason why it shouldn't be added at this point.
  6. Then don't add more regen mons until countermeasures are added.
  7. Don't add Slowbro then? Or ban it? Clearly that excuse that banning is bad because it throws player effort into the trash is complete bullshit if they decided to undo 80% of the metagame. Maybe remove the stupid time limit that shouldn't even be there to begin with? Maybe people should use wallbreakers or stallbreakers in their offensive teams? Instead of of course.
  8. My post was deleted because it went against the narrative lol. Fact is it will never get rolled back unless a massive amount of people stop playing because of it. But it won't happen, devs will continue to incompetently fuck their game up and keeping it half assedly up to date with nerfs and buffs meant for things that aren't even out in MMO yet but affect the official games.
  9. At this point there's no solution without either massively speeding up the release of certain Pokemon, namely legendaries or rolling back several additions such as AV and regenerator Amonogus. This is what happens when the programmers and artists have the final say over people who actually play the game. I guarantee boots will be added because a dev heard that hazards were strong and Stealth Rock overpowered back in 2009 and it stuck in their head and now want to add every nerf possible to it.
  10. Difference is stall was complete dogshit even with those perceived buffs and our meta was still pretty damn offensive. I'd tell you to try less Taunt Conkeldurrs and try some actual stallbreakers but there's no point in the current state of the meta. Team versatility is good, it's fun and allows for creative and diverse builds, gen 5 in its rawest state was considered dogshit because it was nothing but weather spam much like what we are gonna have on greater quantities. This is the thing that pisses me off the most. For years we were lied to with stuff like "Oh we can't have Ubers because we want as many options as possible to be playable and banning stuff would throw player effort down the drain" Then they pull this shit rendering many more walls, wallbreakers and stallbreakers completely pointless, all time money and effort gone down the drain. Only because "Oh we wanna stay close to the main games" by also doing idiotic changes like Cursed Body Gengar (Whose change makes sense in a meta where it can turn into Mega Gengar and there's a buffed Ghost and Poison type). OK then add Fairy, Draco Hydrei and 120 BP Outrage then, you clearly didn't care about wasting player effort to begin with so why even ignore this at this point? Hell I'm actually unironically proposing this because Clef wouldn't be broken anymore with this PP change. Fuck it, bring back OG Shadow Tag and give Dugtrio Swords Dance, it gets it now, buff Knock Off and Dark/Ghost as well, you wanna get as close to the main games as possible after all and banning Conk is always an option without caring about player effort. Add legendaries too, we don't care about dungeons, "Broken in PVP means it's broken in PVE" is a complete lie you convinced yourselves of and continue to tell yourselves despite adding fanfic boss fights with hard capped damage rolls so they don't get oneshotted and moves/abilities more effects than a Yu Gi Oh card. Wanting to stay close to the main games is also something that only affects PVP. The moment a fun, effective method of making money using stuff like Baton Pass or Shedinja are found they'll fanfic that shit to oblivion, they'll fuck with prices because It's an mmo, muh economy, we can't have players grinding the same place constantly, we need them to slowly grind something else instead of having FUN. I can't wait for Moody to be abused in PVE stuff like league runs to see how people like Rache or Squirtle claw their faces off trying to find a solution to a problem everyone told them NOT to implement while "keeping it close to the original games :)". Before Platinum was implemented the TC had more agency in things. You had a group of fairly knowledgable or good players who cared about your game and had the full intention to make it better. Given the fact that they didn't have the power to ban things from normal play, they still managed to create a fairly balanced OU meta, with a Conk that maybe was a smidgeon too strong but nothing insane. After that the devs took the reins and fucked everything up by ignoring comp players and deciding themselves despite having zero knowledge of comp. I suggest you go back to the old ways unless you want your playerbase to just be casuals roleplaying as Gym Leaders spamming rain teams in the ladder.
  11. Incredibly retarded move. Bye to all walls, wallbreakers and stallbreakers, team variety beyond weather or screens spam. Expect the market to explode. I'm done with this game.
  12. Agreed, that time limit was idiotic anyways.
  13. Senile openly laughing at the notion of Jolteon being OU back in 2017 created some sort of karmic retribution that has kept this shitmon in the tier since.
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