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  1. That's not what artificial difficulty means.
  2. The cabal wants to keep Jolteon in OU where it doesn't belong.
  3. Remove Cursed Body and Sand Veil
  4. Scarf Trick Gothitelle is insanely disruptive. It's probably for the best not to implement it.
  5. I remember when Gengar was a perfectly balanced Pokemon yet the devs decided to "update" it to its current incarnation despite the context for it existing as such not being a thing in MMO.
  6. They have conflicting ideologies, they want balance, not to ban anything but also want to remain truthful to the games. It's a mess.
  7. You're thinking like a player. Yes, as a player I wish there was balance. However balance won't be acquired by either releasing all the bullcrap we have gated behind the devs saying no nor by abiding by whatever Gamefreak "canonizes" in the eyes of the devs, the only way to acquire true balance is to go the full fanfic route and tweak shit until you find the sweet spot. Now if you think like a dev, you're just killing the golden goose.
  8. This game won't find balance regardless and Gamefreak is so unbelievably incompetent any semblance of balance by them is purely accidental. Also balance is not the top priority in ANY game, this is a bitter truth you learn eventually. The top priority is to sell shit. Do you think Gamefreak had the word balance for a single second enter their heads when they designed Dynamax? No, they just thought about how much money they'd make by selling shitty huge plushies alongside other toys for the new forms of the older more marketable Pokemon much like they are going to do again with SV when they release Charizard (Forma gohan blanco calvo).
  9. It was because tournament prize Cofagrigus had access to Nasty Plot for a while and before Sinnoh was released it had no way of getting it normally since it needed Spiritomb (I think) for the egg move.
  10. On one hand I agree on the other hand it's nice to have something that can punish mindless defog use.
  11. Serp's issue is that it cannot handle every check you throw at it. You don't really need Heatran in the meta for it. It has as much Special Attack as Oddish without boosts so the first Leaf Storm won't do much. You need HP Fire for Scizor/Ferrothorn, Dragon Pulse for Dnite, Hydreigon and Salamence, Leech Seed+Sub for Blissey/Chansey and now the new Weezing and you also need HP Rock for Volcarona. It's not bad but on paper it doesn't seem that much stronger than any other good late game sweeper.
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