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  1. I would gladly have breakfast with you bro
  2. They can't beat NoRe so they made another competition
  3. He just loves me so much and wants me to notice it
  4. As mentioned above. The shaymin ban on UU should be discussed and I suggest it gets unbanned. Sun, Entei, salamence, all add up to the ways of checking it/dealing with it. In my opinion it belongs in UU
  5. Every mence set will be useful in the tier, versatile threat,we have proven in the past that it is able to be managed by a handful of walls. Solid defensive cores have ways of dealing with it while it has the ability to outmaneuver them with the many possible sets it can run. It is mostly problematic against offense as it was before. Dd set can sweep offensive cores while special set is difficult to switch into. But it being an offensive threat on its own gives the opportunity to offense to have this threat on its side aswell.
  6. Good to have you back. We will enjoy your stay
  7. Team Name: Umbadpoke Player One: Umbramol Player Two: Rickypoke
  8. First of all. we need to monitor shaymin and its capabilities in the tier. there is a good chance that it might be too much for UU to handle. excellent wallbreaking capabilities with seed flare and great stats which allow it to survive many hits and tough to be revenge killed. So i advise to focus into that. Venusaur and empoleon are ok additions. no discussion needed there. About porygon2, the problematic part about it was that except being a defensive powerhouse, it was also very capable offensively. the bulky modest set was insane against offense and still remains like that. the recovery nerf has hit its longevity but assault vest didnt change to how it oppresses offense as shown before in the thread. But i believe that the tier being much wider than before might ease this issue a bit by applying more pressure to it than before and making it generally more difficult to keep freely coming in. the tier now has more strong hard hitters and wallbreakers that can pressure the modest variant a lot. So in my opinion a test can be justified. though i believe porygonZ makes much more sense to re-appear on the tier than porygon2. it seems that it can be handled much better than before with the introduction of AV.
  9. I will take pablobacas, lejovi, forfour, doublej, woxiangsinile, imabetheverybest, thedh all for 200k
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