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  1. ur equating one of the saddest things ive ever heard to shitposting i repeat my original statement
  2. "it doesnt take long until every player in the game knows the nature of ur gifted shiny" please go outside
  3. hej i hatched this duck 3660 eggs, ot #39 mr rares >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> so @awkwaysdoesnt kick me
  4. the people that moderate this forum hate fun
  5. only beta males use the block feature
  6. every morning i wake up hoping johto is finally here, but it never is, im getting super depressed over it, lately i dont even wanna get out of bed because theres no johto and no high horse power and life is meaningless and existence is pain i cant take it anymore i removed scald from all my pokimons and now only use water gun and dig and i keep losing in pvp i have to forfeit almost every randoms game because too much scald and earthquake and fairy pokimons arent dying to poison sting and its not good and my gengar is not levitating
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