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  1. this is actually rly good and Mkns seems to be from Belgium Also Hazard sucks lel kek xd (also hazards)
  2. Alright let's do this: https://tiermaker.com/create/arcane-character-list-1348837 Here's mine: Fuck spoilers
  3. Are you doing an auction for literally everything lmao What's next, the color of your socks christ almighty
  4. I think it's safe to say that this is the best videogame to movie/series ever made
  5. The only thing here that's invalid is you (and Daryl) Anyway RIP Showdown
  6. IGN: Tranzmaster Time: GMT +1 Tier: ADV OU Fluff: Founder of Official Tiering System / Tier Lists Meme game on point I'm as useful for your team as the letter "g" in lasagna. Prone to tilting I probably need a crit to win a game..... or Sand Veil Cacturne
  7. I'll throw in an OT Tranz Garbodor to the prize pool if you make it happen
  8. Who else is going to buy Dratinis with good IV's from Brazilian players
  9. I'm still sad you haven't added me on discord yet
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