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  1. Yeah, you can use Binomial distribution. If you're trying to find the probability of finding exactly one shiny after n encounters, it would work, however the way Orange stated is a lot easier, and gives you the same answer. Having said that, you can do more cool things with Binomial distribution, i.e if you want to find the probability of exactly 3 shiny encounters, or at least 4 shiny encounters etc after n encounters in total. Does that answer your question?
  2. 1m on sweetforu or Nikhilr pick 1, and one person only
  3. I can understand why you're not confident enough to make another bet dw
  4. My bad, haven't logged in in ages. What I meant was would you like to have another 1m bet?
  5. Do u wanna do a double or nothing with the 1m you owe me @Sashaolin
  6. this is awesome, keep up the good work
  7. Need help with some coding, if there are any experts in the house please reply
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