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  1. @Requi looks dope. Hook me up with an animated signature with the following: Name: DoubleJ Team: [LYLE] KingCheerios Pokemon: Mewtwo Background: Space Primary Color: Purple Willing to pay for your premium. Thanks.
  2. IGN: DoubleJ Country: USA Discord: DoubleJ#1381 Tiers: OU, UU, NU Fluff: πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Volt Switch is easy to punish fat walls, speed is great and simple boltbeam (hp ice) combo still reigns supreme in OU. But I agree it's overrated and typically bad.
  4. Thanks for gathering that data @gbwead. Can be neat to stare at each month. In the future, it would be dope to include number of matches.
  5. FYI Venu, Serp, and Torkoal to OU and Espeon to UU by usage.
  6. Chaos is good. Change is also good. We need a better system to prevent @pachima from imploding with each new HA.
  7. Keeping a close eye on Venusaur in UU with a sun setter present. Could get nasty. Also provide feedback on Empoleon in UU too.
  8. [MISC] AlphaBrah It's your time.
  9. I think we all can agree that Machamp got a huge buff with this update, and is now just a mini-Conk... or even just Conkeldurr with different pixels. Obviously too much for NU and likely so for UU, but we'll leave that to a suspect test. We recognize that with these move changes, there will be a lot of changes happening within the tiers and we don't want to make too many rash decisions. It will take time for there to be stability, but change is good for a defining metagame. I anticipate an exciting Summer and I look forward to the matches ahead.
  10. Appreciated. One of those OG items that hasn't publicly sold in a while (and also a sad why did I trade it back then item haha)
  11. @Bestfriends time to hype these weenie's
  12. Real talk I can feel some serious hype
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