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  1. Correct, and then also result in people mass farming them for profit whenever they're available, which isn't the point.
  2. They won't layer properly on the eye area (hair takes priority over eyes), additionally if this were possible, then you could also wear them in addition to a hat, which would lead to some rather hard to discern and not very aesthetically pleasing visuals. Sorry, but this won't be happening.
  3. It's complicated. The color listed as 'white' is the base color that every colorable vanity uses to place a 'color' or 'dye' on top of. When toying around with the base color, (and you'll find with most color overlay systems) this lends itself better towards more of a grey. That said, it does use white or close to it on the highlight color (the 'shiny' part of a vanity, most commonly used in hairstyles). Due to this, it's not possible to make a 'true white', however, I have toyed around with a concept in the past, which would load a separate image when selecting 'white' altogether: However, to implement this would increase the size of the vanity item file significantly, and not be a particularly optimized way to handle it (perhaps color swapping on the fly is a solution, I don't know) so I can't make any promises as to whether this will change at all.
  4. I've seen a lot of suggestions here recently in regards to increasing the colorability of certain items. I understand the desire, but I would like to stress a couple of things: Changing a vanity from 'non-colorable' to 'colorable' requires that the colorable portions be turned grey, which requires additional support to then convert every existing version of that item to the 'colored' variant which matches how it looks currently. Many non-colorable items are designed that way to keep the intent of their design. If I were to point to the example above - changing the 'Zombie Costume' item (the top) to be colorable could work perhaps, and that would maybe still keep the intent of the design (although it is a bit garish), but changing the color of the head, this from my point of view removes the 'Zombie', and just screams colored heads - This means the intent of the design is lost. This is also true for the suggestion of coloring the ghost costume. It ceases to be a traditional 'ghost costume' if it comes in red, yellow, orange, purple etc. And for these reasons I don't think those in particular are changes I'd like to make. Edit: additionally, there is no 'face' layer, there is simply Facial Hair or Eyes. This means that there are several items (most common example is the Ninja Mask) that I can't just place 'on the face', because such a layer doesn't exist, and in a lot of cases would mean the layer it's being placed on not making sense, or removing the players eyes.
  5. But that's the point - what you're not seeing when looking at the 'top' entries in the GTL is the work that went into breeding them to that standard. Even if you changed the system to try and mitigate this (and maybe you'd make it harder to achieve), the 'top' would still look the same because that's still going to be the 'best' that's possible to achieve, and thus what people want.
  6. "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time" - John Lydgate In all seriousness though, these items were 'buffed' for a few reasons: The Winged Helmet had requests to be colorable since the day of release and was very easy to do without affecting anything since it was already the right color; It's only 6 months old. The UFO Hat was considered 'underwhelming' by many, which is a shame, because personally I rather like it. The triggerable animation I believe is just what it needed for it to realize its full potential. We're currently celebrating PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary, now would be the time, if any, to give a few items some additional love in a way that some players have been asking for. I do understand where you're coming from, but I'm not looking to get into a perpetual cycle of 'improving' every vanity, and further still - not every vanity can be improved in a way that doesn't feel forced. At the end of the day it's just intended to be a bit of fun flavor.
  7. You're welcome - I wondered how long it'd take for people to notice.
  8. Hope to add magic to the pumpkin~:)

    There are three active effects:
    1. Normal mode, yes, I am the ancient pumpkin!
    2. Lights out mode, I am in a bad mood, don't bother me.
    3. Enchant mode, it seems to have a sense of deterrence and oppression.


    1. noty


      f86860a021d7c6fadfbdb1260375b2a.png.55d2ed3ed677dcb4346ef45717e9d13e.pngWhen the night comes, I choose to turn off the light and sleep

  9. It's not, it's a general rendering bug. It's affecting a lot of items currently, and we're investigating the exact cause.
  10. Several, I scour this thread fairly often.
  11. When it comes to names like that I try not to be so specific. 'Winged Helmet' has a more global understanding.
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