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  1. Remember this is an MMO, an MMO thrives on players staying for a long time. If you lower the SHiny chance, the probability that many will quit quickly or play less because it is too easy increases. Furthermore, we should consider that Shiny hunten Much RNG is a small example from me. I never found one in the official Pokemon game, although I often played the game for 999 hours. Here in the MMO I have 71 shiny out of 10k hours of play, that's about 1 shiny in 148 hours. now please tell me this is not ok for an MMO?
  2. Shiny 71 :3 encounter 2436 Play hours since last shiny 7h :3 fazit 71 shiny by 10540 Playtime 😄
  3. YELLLOWW ^^ Shiny 69 :3 encounter 81222 Play hours since last shiny 186h :3 fazit 69shiny by 10501 Playtime 😄
  4. Kommt auf die Dunkle Seite wir haben Kek.... ich meine Müsli 😄 kleiner spaß^^ wir bieten jedem Spieler einen Platz in der größten deutschen Community
  5. Personally I do it like this if my pokemon lv is 19 and the rest 15 I swap my 19 for a 15 and that should be until it's 19 too. Should I ever lose an arena, I level the weakest mon until it is 1-2 levels higher, mostly against wild pokemon. or you just buy the new Ep Share system^^
  6. Did you already do the arena? You can find the arena leader in the competition hall
  7. you need 3 people to make a team, otherwise write me i belong to aventerror we are a german team
  8. you only get in there during the course of the story, you have to finish the arena to get in
  9. The question is which records do you want exactly :D more than one shiny a day or the same shiny
  10. Shiny 64 :3 encounter 7867 Play hours since last shiny 30h ^^ Fazit 64shiny by 9983Playtime 😄
  11. Shiny 62 :3 encounter 84867 Play hours since last shiny 259h :3 fazit 62shiny by 9953 Playtime 😄
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