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  1. Kommt auf die Dunkle Seite wir haben Kek.... ich meine Müsli 😄 kleiner spaß^^ wir bieten jedem Spieler einen Platz in der größten deutschen Community
  2. Personally I do it like this if my pokemon lv is 19 and the rest 15 I swap my 19 for a 15 and that should be until it's 19 too. Should I ever lose an arena, I level the weakest mon until it is 1-2 levels higher, mostly against wild pokemon. or you just buy the new Ep Share system^^
  3. Did you already do the arena? You can find the arena leader in the competition hall
  4. you need 3 people to make a team, otherwise write me i belong to aventerror we are a german team
  5. you only get in there during the course of the story, you have to finish the arena to get in
  6. The question is which records do you want exactly :D more than one shiny a day or the same shiny
  7. Shiny 64 :3 encounter 7867 Play hours since last shiny 30h ^^ Fazit 64shiny by 9983Playtime 😄
  8. Shiny 62 :3 encounter 84867 Play hours since last shiny 259h :3 fazit 62shiny by 9953 Playtime 😄
  9. if you use a backpack in combat is wrong, the increase in displayed items means it's not because of the theme. it's probably like that for everyone now. I also know about the worn items, just reduce the size of the battle screen in the setting. what other errors do you have? maybe you write me privately and show some pictures ?
  10. Update ? mal sehen was die nächsten parts bringen
  11. Die größte deutsche PokeMMO Community Sucht neue Member auch Neulinge sind Willkommen^^ Wir bieten teaminterne Events (Catchevents, Turniere, Raffles uvm.), kompetente PvP und PvE Veteranen welche euch mit Rat und Tat gerne zur Seite stehen! Hauseigene Breeder, PVP mon Verleih und andere Service Leistungen zum Teampreis :3 Unsere Kommunikation läuft hauptsächlich über Discord und den Teamchat in PokeMMO. Euer Interesse ist geweckt, Ihr habt noch Fragen? Dann kontaktiert uns über Discord oder ingame ? Potentielle Ansprechpartner Katzukiangel Katzu#1437 Bonobonit BonoboSupport Ansonsten einfach im Globalchat nach Team ÁvE fragen ;D wir freuen uns auf euch
  12. There is a new shiny for Mother's Day :D Shiny 57 :3 encounter 22598 Play hours since last shiny 93h :3 fazit 57shiny by 9442 Playtime ?
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