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🐻Cali's Lucky Leppas!🍓

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Cali's Lucky Leppas is now OPEN!
(Disclaimer: This post is more of a Cali's Lucky Leppas "Track History" with shinies found using Cali's Lucky Leppas & less of a "shop post" even though I will be selling Leppas lol. smile.)


Shop Info! -

2800 Lucky Leppas added to the stock EVERY OTHER DAY!
From the Farm straight to your Backpack!
(100% All Natural & Real Berries, NO added Chemicals or Preservatives!)

Cali's Lucky Leppas have helped Trainers JUST LIKE YOU find 19 Shinies so far & counting!
Check them out!

(Disclaimer: Currently working on what the exact Shinies were, from who & the Catch Dates. The main reason of this post is to keep track of these Shinies better & will be updated SoonTM)

Zapohandrek / @Goya2point04m
(April 12th, 2024)litwick.gif.2f3e274c57430eb9ee4b950852b6c2ab.gif   (April 21st, 2024)joltik.gif.4cd818d8e76be78bf9c34a91965d61aa.gif   (May 6th, 2024)mawile.gif.cb1b6425a9dc62719025122c1e132726.gif    (May 7th, 2024)ralts.gif.5b47a90c1f7039ddc279da49f3e1cfee.gif

IGN: cubberkazooie / @cubberkazooie
(May 31st, 2024)altaria.gif.7dd2d1a5a8fe9bdc952bc841a644a192.gif (June 2nd, 2024)magcargo.gif.b2fda43b802a775ae544efe38030bd13.gif (June 3rd, 2024)scolipede.gif.7cef1a8428d90fecb95a86ed5edd1d3b.gif

IGN: Rahulbeast / @rahulbeast
(June 1st, 2024)magikarp.gif.3821356f73dc4e63f4326433170d5521.gif (June 2nd, 2024)gyarados-f.gif.f95a631dad5fb232f91cf64e9f2625c4.gif (June 4th, 2024)magikarp-f.gif.0129fb04dfc4be33806ccb4750ab160b.gif

IGN: RZCxBlaze / @RZCxBlaze
(April 17th, 2024)venipede.gif.84fec592d0933897a0ce33f57106d58a.gif   (April 29th, 2024)cottonee.gif.e66b364a3edf1fbf61e687ef3edff01b.gif

Sockyypoo / @Sockyypoo
(May 11th, 2024)krabby.gif.7b2d1087c98b582837d824432f105bb7.gif (May 24th, 2024)duskull.gif.732eae669c65d4ecff9cfe670baa3989.gif

IGN: Apmyros / @ampharos
(June 1st, 2024)mandibuzz.gif.5134b396c119334f90f71ff2579988bb.gif

IGN: DeCollecta / @DeCollecta
(May 5th, 2024)meowth.gif.0f75ed3114c6bd7c3024cece26b4d97b.gif

IGN: Immortallity / @Immortallity
(May 28th, 2024)

IGN: jefyx / @jefyx
(May 27th, 2024)

IGN: Yumiyamai / @Yumiya95
(May 24th, 2024)


Buy Orders! -
Buy Today & get a little bit of that sweet sweet Cali Luck to help you on all your Leppa Shunting journeys!
Want to make a
Berry Backorder?
Let me know how many Stacks you'd like to buy with your In Game Name. So when I harvest I'll be sure to save them for you instead of selling asap!

(Berry Backorders will take priority in a 1st come 1st server style)

Contact Info! - 
PokeMMO - Whisper Me/Mail Me in PokeMMO!
(IGN: CaliKingCorey)
Or you can leave a Reply here, on this post!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has bought before the launch of Cali's Lucky Leppas & also to the people who will buy in the future!
Can't wait to see all the new shinies y'all find with these
Lucky Leppas!


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