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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfASFA0PrZs


    You know how real men shave their beards?

    they don't

    you faggot

    I was waiting for Paul Walker to die the whole time i was watching it.

    Paul Walker's a noob, all these people on the bandwagon like 'I cried so much at the end' like brah chill, it's a >movie you fucking faggot

  2. It's been a hell of a long time since the LBZ has been active, and I'm not sure I like it.

    I like the old, deserted, who-even-goes-on-the-LBZ vibe

  3. If you keep shrecking people like that who'd want to join??


    Also os has Aziz-tier base. we're not losing much here guys

    thanks man, I'm like kinda sure that's a good thing, I'm like TH8 now progressing haha


    and who's from Saudi and Venezuela in here? :o


  4. actually, more than just the top players, a majority of their income comes from single players spending thousands.


    In F2P Microtransaction based games, a very large majority of the income these companies make from these games are not from a few people spending 10 bucks every here or there once in a while, >70% of the income these companies make are from what they call "Whales", which compromise less than 1% of their playerbase. Whales are people who spend a shit ton of many on the game in very short periods of time, usually in the thousands range. The reason a ton of mobile F2P games seem to be designed in exactly the same way, which is to say with time blocks on building/upgrading shit that can be paid to skip, is because these games are designed specifically to be highly addicting, while also being "free" so as many people as possible can play the game to potentially get hooked by it. The "Whales" who get addicted to the game spend a ridiculous amount of money on the game, meaning that even if 100 players join without paying, the developers don't care, because there's going to be 1 more guy matching those 100 who is spending upwards of 1000 dollars.


    This is also why Clash of Clans finds it worth it to advertise during the Super Bowl, as it has a TON of people viewing it. If even a fraction of the viewers try out the game, and even a fraction of those people turn out to be "Whales" and waste a huge amount of money on the game, the amount of money they just made off of paying for that advertisement cannot be overstated.


    TL;DR: Mobile games are literally evil, they're like gambling addictions designed for children.

    get out

    so you're telling me

    if i make something similar 

    i can get $$$ and £££ and uguu biches

  5. Been waiting for almost 2 hours, but i just can't sleep.

    My interwebs is basically dead, i can only browse this forum or similiar stuff.

    1.05 am, what do you do when you just can't fall asleep?

    When I can't fall asleep, I fall asleep.

    No serious, throughout the whole day, I'm sleepy. I get too less sleep if anything.

    So not getting to sleep at night isn't a problem for me. Getting enough sleep is...

    but meh

    who cares


    Usually if I can't get to sleep I'd day dream, for a lot, close your eyes and day dreamer like a mother uguu, perfect scenarios to anything, gets me to sleep kek


    What do you do for a living?

    Currently working as a security officer. (Gaining experience towards my end goal)

    What are you taking in school?

    Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice

    What is your biggest accomplishment?  

    My accomplishments come from soccer, I've received many trophies for my performance on the pitch. (I've been invited to play for some universities)

    What are your end goals? Where/what do you volunteer at/for?   

    I'll probably be working as a full time police officer.

    What are your hobbies??

    • Watching anime
    • Playing soccer
    • Video games 
    • Eating (No, i'm not fat)


    What team you follow? United here aha

  7. Rant start:

    Small stairs...Like...dafuq. How the hell am i supposed to use those. Yeah, not hard going upwards, you skip every 3rd stair and all, but going down, it's tricky AF! and there's the chance of me falling and injuring myself, not to mention looking like a complete idiot :|

    Rant over.

    >chance of falling over and injuring yourself
    Are you made out of play-doh?


    Use the soup spoon as a salad fork. Stick it to the man, man.


  8. I don't see what's so good about this - anyone care to elaborate?
    Other than the shiny competitive 'mons, which seem cool, don't look that good after the 120 IV limit. Couldn't you just give or show the pokémon you already have with the ideal moveset / nature/ IV and make a gift competitive shiny out of that? 

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