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Found 4 results

  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/45531-how-pokemmo-would-work-with-an-in-game-auction-house/ pls. --- It would be nice to have an NPC inside Pokemon Centers (Near the PC Box?) where you can access an auction house. How would it work? All players can put any pokemon / item / vanity item. (Such as TMs, Berries, or stuff like Potions, etc, etc) There should be a time limit with a fee for placing an item in the auction house. Something like 1 hour = 1,000 yen | 4 hours = 4,000 yen | 1 day = 10,000 yen, etc. If your item isn't purchased, you wont get the listing fee back. You can place an item for bid (no buy now) only until the time runs out. You can preview the stuff before purchasing it. Includes a search option with filters. I don't see this being a bad idea, trade chat is a mess. And I don't think it would take lot of time to get implemented. (pls no eta 2015)
  2. Okay, first of all I am sure that when many of you'll saw the title, you'll were like WTF? It is not that strange as 'Marriage' is an option which is available in many games (including MMOs) such as Skyrim, the Rune Factory Series, RuneScape, Maplestory and etc. I think that it would be a pretty cool thing to add to PokeMMO once the Devs have free time on their hands. Another option called "Best Friend" has been included for those of you'll who don't prefer the word "marriage". Okay now back on topic. This idea is based from the Anime SAO, where once a person gets married they have the ability to withdraw items from each other's inventory. The same benefits apply even if you chose "Best Friend". This is what I suggest: 1). Once you are married/once you have chosen a best friend you have the option of 'instant withdrawing' (for items) with your marriage partner/best friend without needing to meet him/her. But to prevent possible scamming, you have to get for his/her permission first. How this could be helpful: Well this won't be helpful in any particular way but it would be a nice addition to these options. One possible way It will help out your partner is if he/she joined recently and couldn't meet any of the 'Limited Edition' Pokemon. 3). You can 'instant trade' Pokemon (who are in your Party/PC) with your Partner (exclusively for people who are married/have a best friend only)! Once again, permission is required to prevent possible spamming. How this could be helpful: 4). New items can be bought (as suggested by Darkshade). How this could be helpful: 5~?). Any other ideas you'll can come up with would be appreciated. To prevent possible scamming: 1). When 'instant trading' or 'instant withdrawing' the partner who is requesting the trade or withdrawal has to obviously get permission from the other partner(mentioned earlier). 2). Once you get married, you cannot 'divorce' for one month's time, so choose your partner carefully! xD If you choose a Best Friend, you cannot choose another one for one month's time! So pick a proper friend. Well that's all I have to say! I also added spoilers to make this suggestion look as short as possible! :L
  3. Well like the title said, this is my suggestion: You are given the option to 'mark' a Pokemon after you capture them like how it is depicted in the image below. [img]http://i.imgur.com/QPKeRM2.jpg[/img] This would be helpful because when you are farming for Pokemon and you found one/many which has potential, you can 'mark' them and then it will be easier to find them when you are searching through your boxes. This is depicted in the image below. [img]http://i.imgur.com/yqyLDzx.jpg[/img] That's all I have to say :3 [size=2]Edit: Love your GUI ShadowBoxer![/size]
  4. Perhaps there should be a place of recorded tournaments and within that place is a hallway displaying statues (or trophy's) of the victors. Bring a little history to land of pokemmo eh? Perhaps a breakdown of how the making of the game started and within it is the credits of the people of brought forward the game to the players.
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