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Found 5 results

  1. To summarize the idea for the devs: - The ability to trade an "Unlimited" number of Pokemon from the PC if BOTH users are in the Pokemon center. - The ability to trade items without needing to attach them to Pokemon - If there are too many Pokemon in the party, the remaining Pokemon get sent into the PC. - Edited: I was thinking about what Darkshade said and I think cancelling the trade if there isn't enough space in the PC should be what happens. Details: Look, the trading system is pretty amazing right now and it's almost next to impossible to get scammed. The only problem it has now is when you want to trade more than five Pokemon, there's a lot of insecurities and risks involving this. A lot of the scams come from 5+ Pokemon trades and as a user, I've came to ignore those trades. I know there is trading suggestion threads, but my concept has photos and all and I really don't want to flood it with my idea. So how it works is outside of the Pokemon Centre, your trading would work as normal. It would only allow you to trade five Pokemon max, but now, it would also allow you to trade items too if you dont have enough holding space for your Pokemon. If the deal goes through, same stuff happens, and so forth. The biggest change in my trading system is now when you are in the perimeters of any Pokemon centre (the interior of the Pokemon centre), trades can involve an "unlimited" (the maximum capacity of boxes) of Pokemon as it can access the PC and import Pokemon from there into the trade. So here's a concept of the new GUI in "Unlimited mode" [spoiler] [/spoiler] And here's a flow chart of how it exactly works: [spoiler][/spoiler] Benefits/Harms [spoiler]Who does it benefit? - Alt. runners who don't want to do multiple trades - People who do trades - Staff who deal with customers that have gotten 5+ trade scammed. Who does it harm? - Scammers who exploit 5+ trade scams in the game.[/spoiler] The "Unlimited" GUI concept in-game. Special thanks goes out to WarOX! [spoiler] [/spoiler] I'm not sure how hard this would be, but the resources are there in terms of making this happen.
  2. Fuck uguues. Get money. Hail Satan. The time for the beast to rise out of hell has finally began. Join Team Satan, and be spared from the fiery wrath of Lucifer and his minions. The dark ages are coming, and becoming a follower of Satan is your only salvation. There are no level/completion requirements to enter the clan. Just be awesome, and you're in! What we're about. Everyone in Team Satan get along with each other. There might be a small little burst of rage every now and then, but that's only natural. We all get along, and we joke around CONSTANTLY. We're the most humorous clan around. This clan has been around for a while now, and now that we have a few people, we are going to be gearing up for some fun events like Bike Races, In-Team Tounaments, and other awesome and fun things! Team Satan is everything you could want, but in order for it to be like that, we need YOUR help. Simply joining and being active helps us out tremendously, so consider signing up. Who knows, perhaps it'd be your favorite clan in all of PokeMMO? Or maybe it'd be the most despicable one out there, depends if you're comfortable with that type of people. By the way, you don't actually have to be a satanist to join. ----- If you're interested in joining, post on this thread or PM (or someone on the roster) on PokeMMO. We're looking for laid back, chill people. Don't bring your hate into the chat, unleash it in channel/global. If you are requesting to join on the forums, just give us your IGN, something that you are good with in-game, and maybe your favorite pokemon too! Nothing too crazy! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! OH we also have some cool websites too! Wordpress: teamsatan.wordpress.com Tumblr: theofficialteamsatan.tumblr.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM ROSTER: (IGN's) uguuGroper - Leader Wilza - Co-Leader The Seven Deadly Sins Lust ~ SammieJo Wrath ~ Wilza Pride ~ Cumbustion Greed ~ Akdov Sloth ~ Yetti Gluttony ~ PyroMania Envy ~ LemoNZ The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Pestilence ~ Motochika War ~ RaichuFTW Famine ~ DurbanCommando Death ~ uguuGroper Our other Members nothinbutvictory Ahoy SlashSketchum DovsAss(alt) Cameroni LeCriminale Yettii(alt) Aanium deadlycatt RandomONEEE Hemontu Kuneho RandPaul Manowarrior iNite MistressHince AlexFlame Dovsuguus aerewarewar MostlyOriginals PunkScrewUp xLuKeYx GigaMancer Denium Sanium Wurdlesisafag BigBlackLady AlexCoyote LinnnyG Dracomastee Team Signature (Not 100% Needed)
  3. My suggestion is to have an additional tab which is [b]optional[/b] for teams. It would be the [b]notice board tab[/b]. Any member or a [b]trusted member[/b] (I'll get onto that in a bit) would be able to post here depending on the permissions set by the team leader. The notice board could be used in a number of ways, such as; [i]Anyone got a lucky egg I can borrow to level up my pokemon?[/i] [i]Going on holiday for a week![/i] [i]Does anyone need a Chansey? I got lots that I need to get rid of.[/i] [i]etc etc[/i] I know there is already an information tab which can be used for announcements but I assume most teams only allow their leader or an officer to edit it whilst this can be used by anyone, if the leader allows it of course. The next suggestion is for a 'Trusted Member' rank. I couldn't see this as being vital or very useful myself but I felt it should coincide with this idea. I had imagined it as a rank which is earned before officer which has half the perms but again that is up to the team leader. It could also be used as a stepping stone towards earning the officer rank.
  4. Official non-official base: S.S. Anne Kitchen Intro: Every wanted to be part of something? Ever wanted to have your voice actually count for something? Ever wanted to feel as though you are accepted? Ever get bored while playing and wished you had someone to talk to? Well then you've come to the right place! In this Team we only allow people who know what the hell they're doing to join. If you can tell the difference between your and you're, you're half way there on your journey to becoming a innovator! F.A.Q: Now why another "new" team, don't we have enough of "these" teams already? Hell no, our main purpose is to just chill and hang out, while also doing to PVP here and there. Wow, cool story bro! It's only cool because you weren't in it, Mission at the moment: At the moment we are recruiting and are looking for "cool" people, we don't give a shit about age and pokemon knowledge. Video games are meant to be fun, lets start treating them this way! How to join: If you would like to be apart of The Innovators, shoot me a PM or post here and let me know why exactly you chose The Innovators. But, please be mature and do not ask to become a higher rank in the team, because "you feel like it". Random stuff: Also we will be trying to get into tourneys and other special events, as time goes on. I will keep this team alive and active, as long as you the people feel as though you are having enough fun to stay here. I will be adding and removing stuff as time goes on. Thanks for your time and I hope you'll choose to rep The Innovators in the end. Have some fun out there for once, it's a video game! Current Member List: ATalentedDude JebusMan TuckerWP Sullibeast xRei ZeenockX NSL RobbyMon jaylum Gulcasa Denku Alphasi overbiek DukeDarkeness Simpless sasimi Morruga iPodBR JanC Uncool Suhuzen Triskingdom allplay Bertoxxulous epaRSly TheTheBeast Vixxen Holidaythief Muzzylogic ChrisHansen ShinyJesus GBush zyphersonic
  5. Hello welcome to the Izzet guild I am the creator of this guild my in game name is SupaSupra and well anyone can join by just posting to the forum but be cool and don't do something I wouldn't
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