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Gallade or Gardevoir

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Unless you're using them for competitive play, it ultimately depends more on which aesthetic you enjoy, as you can clear the main storyline with either of them on your team. Gallade is an ATK / physical sweeper while Gardevoir is moreso used as a SP.ATK / special sweeper. Gallade has a useful typing that makes it non-vulnerable to Dark moves which is quite common in open-world gameplay, especially against the Team Aqua and Magma teams.


I'm biased towards Gardevoir in Hoenn because one carried my entire team when my dumb five year old self released my starter ;'>


You can buy a dawnstone on the GTS, and you can also find them on wild Ralts'. In the future, you can check the method of obtaining any item in the game here


Good luck on your nuzlocke run! 

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Looks like Annqii already addressed the part about finding a Dawn Stone and the different roles that the different evolutions play, so I will offer a little more food for thought.

-What's your ralts's nature? Is it ±Attack, SpA, or Speed?

-What are the IVs on the ralts?

-Does your team need a Physical attacker or Special Attacker more?

-Do you currently have an answer to the weaknesses of either mon (lots of overlap, but some differences worth noting when preparing for the late-game)?

-Do you plan on doing targeted EV-training for the mon?

-Ultimately, what sounds more fun to you? Nuzlockes don't have to be about optimization!


Hopefully thinking about these additional questions will help you decide the larger one you pose here!

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