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Cómo puedo mejorar mi equipo lluvia en el nuevo meta? Ayuda,please

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Mi equipo actual es:

[email protected] rock

Nat: osada evs: 252ps 252def

Roost, scald, u turn, despejar


[email protected] spec

Nat: modest evs: 252sp atk 252 vel

Surf, hurricane, dragón pulse, draco meteor


[email protected] orb

Nat: firme evs: 252 atk 252 vel

Superpower, aqua Jet, waterfall, Stones edge


[email protected]

Nat: jolly evs: 252 atk 252 vel

Fire fang, earthquake, stealth rock, dragón claw


[email protected]

Nat: sassy evs: 252 sp Def 252 ps

Toxic, protect, gyro ball, power whip


[email protected] band

Nat: adamant evs: 252 atk 252 ps

Pursuit, u turn, close combat, bullet punch




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- Garchomp is Stone Edge not Fire Fang. And try Hidden Ability.
-  Scizor is not Choice Band but Life Orb 252 Speed 252 Attack Adamant; Moves: Close Combat/Sword Dance/Bullet Punch. Last move of scizor is prefference I think but the usual choice is Aerial Ace/Bug Bite/Thief. If you do want run Scizor 252HP no matter what the set is: Item:(Flying gem, Dark gem, Leftovers) Roost/Sword Dance/Bullet Punch/ and the last one depends in the item: Thief(Dark Gem), Acrobatics(Flying Gem), Bug Bite or another move (leftovers).
- Ferrothorn should be SPECIAL DEFENSE since you already have Pelipper sort of covering Defense its more logical to have 1 Defense and 1 Special Defense; I recommend it with Spikes to combo Stealth Rock + Spikes with Garchomp and: Leech Seed / Gyro Ball / Power Whip (with spikes obviously).
- Kabutops use it with Choice Band. since your life orb is not providing any better than a Choice Band would do. Try Life Orb set if you want: Sword Dance / Waterfall / Aqua Jet / Stone Edge.
- Kingdra Hurricane is Ok. I have seen Kingdra's Hurricane being nice attackers and I don't recommend to change it.
- Pelipper is Ok. I prefer Hurricane than Scald, but its a nice move.

That;s it. If you have questions of why, you can reply.
And please use English or come along with a translation.


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