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Bird Trio and Ubers Tier



Goal of Idea:

I believe the following idea will allow the legendaries to be more accessable to players while maintaining their uniqueness, as well as 

inspiring players to keep playing the game for their favorite legendaries. 


1) Bird trio:

We currently have Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.


I would love to see the following small legendaries available to catch for keeps:

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres?

Latias, Latios? 

Possible Regirock/Ice/Steel/Gigas?


Probably not Azelf/Mesprit/the other one because there is supposedly only one of each in the pokemon world.


2) Ubers Tier:

Could make it so Ubers is only unlocked when all legendaries have completed dex entries.


Obtaining Legendaries for PVP:

- Make boss battles for all the Big legendaries.

- Big legendaries would still spawn at their location by chance (same as now). 

- If you beat/catch them, you can use them only in PVP tournaments; they still can't be in your party unless you catch them and fight other players to keep them (same rules as before).

- You also can't have big legendaries like Rayquaza battle another Rayquaza (because there is only one in the world!!), so maybe it'd be like a draft pick if two players share the same legendaries. 



Special PC Box:

Maybe big legendaries would reside in a "special" PC box where you can set them to a battle box, but you don't technically "have" them. The box just records that you can use them in ubers battles and allows you to change their moves/check stats.


Two ideas for nature/ivs:

A) If you dislike the nature/ivs, then you can release them from your "special" box to be able to re-encounter them and try again.


B) Legendaries can just be set to have only certain IV's and nature. Ex: Kyogre would always be Timid with maxed 252/252 sptk and speed with 31 ivs across the board. Or maybe just a serious nature.


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