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Suggestions Box Rules


Welcome to the Suggestions Forum, where you may make your ideas known to the developers of PokeMMO. Before you make a thread or reply to a post, please read through this post so you might better understand how the Suggestions forum works:



The universal rules, which can be found here also apply in this subforum.

  1. Stay on-topic. Off-topic posts will be removed
  2. +1, -1, yes, no, and anything similar are not acceptable posts. Do not leave posts that state your agreement/disagreement with the Original Post without providing an explanation, or critique; These posts will be removed. You can simply like a post to state your agreement or post as a reason why you do not. You can upvote suggestion to achieve same effect as posting "+1".
  3. Provide only one suggestion per thread and make the title a clear and concise indicator of the suggestion. If you do not provide a suitable title to your thread, we will change it.
  4. Do not post download links. If the item being linked has a thread in Client Customization, feel free to link the thread only, otherwise it should not be posted.

If you have questions as to why your post has been removed please PM one of the Suggestion Box moderator:  Munya. Making posts asking why your post has been removed publicly will result in that post being removed as well.

We are always open to suggestions towards the game, and as long as they are reasonable, they will be looked over.

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