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How do I get the Linux version on my Chromebook? (Asus c214m flip)

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This is an issue that has come up recently, I had already downloaded the Linux version before this but when I try the same YouTube tutorial it doesn't work and gives me a warning that the game files are in a corrupt state. I know I can get the Android version, however, I much prefer the Linux version so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Link to the YouTube tutorial that no longer works: https://youtu.be/eqqmEhncS6Y?si=AA1N65SGcJMDmius
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Hi, the game is not officially supported on ChromeOS; as new security features are introduced it's likely that old workarounds to get the Linux version to run on ChromeOS will no longer work. In such situations we would only say that the game isn't compatible with your device.

I'd recommend you try common workarounds like replacing your ROMs, disabling any mods, and reinstalling the game. Short of this you would have to do more technical investigations to solve the problem which are beyond what the support team would be able to do for an unsupported OS. You might like to start by investigating the console.log file in the  /pokemmo/log folder.

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