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ILeftyy's Shiny Showcase

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Leftyy's Shiny Showcase




Rares :

 ani_bw-S_245.gif   ani_bw-S_286.gifEs45AM5.png   ani_bw-S_637.gifEs45AM5.png   ani_bw-S_433.gif7Ec9BqT.png



Hordes :

ani_bw-S_130_f.gif ani_bw-S_230.gif ani_bw-S_462.gif  ani_bw-S_609.gif ani_bw-S_038.gif  ani_bw-S_235.gif  ani_bw-S_472.gif  ani_bw-S_592_f.gif  ani_bw-S_619.gif ani_bw-S_426.gifani_bw-S_612.gif

ani_bw-S_553.gif ani_bw-S_635.gif ani_bw-S_461_f.gif ani_bw-S_407_f.gif ani_bw-S_109.gifani_bw-S_549.gifani_bw-S_169.gif











Current Hunts:

 ani_bw-S_570.gif ani_bw-S_120.gifani_bw-S_474.gif 

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