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One Scythe Fits All! (Team Catching Event)

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One Scythe Fits All!
Team Pure Catching Event
饾挓饾挾饾搲饾憭: Saturday 9th March 2024, Channel 4
饾挴饾捑饾搨饾憭:21:00 AEDT ~ 11:00 UTC ~ 6:00 ET
饾惪饾憸饾捀饾挾饾搲饾捑饾憸饾搩:Route 210, Sinnoh
饾挓饾搳饾搰饾挾饾搲饾捑饾憸饾搩:1 Hour
饾挳饾捀饾憸饾搰饾捑饾搩饾憯:Total sum of IVs + Species bonus = Total score
饾挶饾挾饾搧饾捑饾捁 饾惛饾搩饾搲饾搰饾捑饾憭饾搱:聽
聽 聽聽scyther-f.gif聽Scyther聽+5
聽 聽聽staravia-f.gif聽聽Staravia聽
聽 聽聽ponyta.gif聽Ponyta -2
~ You must be a member of team pure to participate
~ Only one submission per person
~ 1st-3rd place are sorted by high to low, submit your highest
~ 4th place is the lowest catch submitted
~ All pokemon need to be caught within the event time at the event location
~ All pokemon must remain untrained and unevolved
~ You must be the OT of the pokemon
~ To submit your entry, you must whisper your pokemon to the event host:聽ShadowTrainerr
~ In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined byearliest聽catch time
Donations are appreciated but NOT expected. These will be added into the prizepool a day before the event 馃檪聽Thanks in advance!
morgziie - 500k
excalibaru -500k
romsmesme - 200k
MaxiMoist - 500k
nvein - 1mil
馃聽饾煟饾搱饾搲 饾挮饾搧饾挾饾捀饾憭
馃聽饾煠饾搩饾捁 饾挮饾搧饾挾饾捀饾憭
馃聽饾煡饾搰饾捁 饾挮饾搧饾挾饾捀饾憭
馃弲聽饾煢饾搲饾捊 饾挮饾搧饾挾饾捀饾憭
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