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Trade Corner Rules


Trade Corner Moderators: BearminatorElizn

Welcome to PokeMMO’s Trade Corner sub-forum! The Trade Corner is a place for players to trade in-game items / Pokemon, currency (Pokeyen) and services. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section specific rules we ask you to abide by.


1. Absolutely no Real Money Trading (aka Real World Trading) can take place. Real Money Trading (RMT) is the sale of in-game items, currency, characters or other data in order to obtain real money. RMT activity is strictly prohibited and any players caught participating in RMT-related activities will be punished.

2. Only one thread may be open at one time per user. We would recommend editing your existing thread rather than starting a new one as you will not be allowed to make a new thread until your existing one is closed. If you would like your thread to be closed, send a private message to a Global Moderator or Trade Corner Moderator and change the title of your thread to "Please Lock". You can find a list of Moderators here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/5-pokemmo-staff-listing/

3. A player can have one shop open at the same time, and one joint thread with another player/s. 

- Joint threads are allowed for cooperation between players but will be checked for abuse. For example, it will be not allowed to make a joint shop where only one player contributes. 

- A thread can be opened for the trades, auctions, and services. Examples of allowed services are EV, LVL up, and Ribbons.

- Staff team reserves the right to not allow joint shops anymore, if joint threads will become an issue.

4. Posts that do not contribute to the trade or otherwise have no reason to be there are considered spam and will be removed.

5. Do not make threads or posts asking for donations, commonly referred to as “begging”.

6. Bumping is fine but please observe the following rules;

If your thread is on the first page you may bump it once every 24 hours.
If your thread has made it past the first page, you may bump it back to the first page regardless of the last time you bumped it. However, once it is back on the first page you must wait 24 hours before bumping it again.
You may only bump your own Trade thread.

7. Restrictions on thread titles: No excessive use of caps, punctuation or special characters (such as "BAGON AUCTION GOING FAST!!!!!!!" or "☻☺☻☺☻Example's☺☻Shop☻☺☻☺☻") No more than 60 characters may be used in your thread title. Subjective or opinionated terms (such as "Godly", "Amazing", etc.) should not be used for describing any goods in titles.

8. We do not allow threads asking for or discussing values. Please use this thread instead: Link

9. Raffles rules

- Please check this thread to read about raffles: Link

10. Threads will be trashed after two weeks or more of inactivity. 

- - Joint threads will require all involved players to agree to re-opening. It can be done by group message to one of the Trade Corner moderators.

11. The Code of Conduct applies here as well as in all other forums. This can be found here: https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct.

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