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Multimedia Rules


Multimedia Moderators: UK


Multimedia is a place to discuss: 

Anime/ TV Shows / Films
Video Games/ Consoles
Books/ Comics/ Manga/ Graphic Novels

Multimedia is not a place to discuss:

Personal discussion between yourselves and friends, you can use group PMs and team threads for this.
Discussions with no purpose.

Multimedia Section Rules:

Dont Spam: This section does not contribute to your post count. 
Be kind to your fellow posters: Discussion and debate are fine but personal attacks will not be tolerated.
Do not create threads about topics that exist: Discussing an individual Anime series in a separate thread to an Anime Megathread is fine but two separate topics on the same Anime series is not. 
Please be considerate to other posters regarding spoilers: Include a SPOILER tag in thread titles if you intend on discussing spoilers. It is also thoughtful to hide any spoilers in spoiler boxes when you make posts.
Pornographic, racist and discriminatory content of any kind is not permitted: All content must abide by our Code of Conduct. 

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