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[Fåll] xBlessTheFallenx


xBlessTheFallenx [Fåll] rules.
1. Buying, selling, and trading PokeMMO accounts, in-game currency, Pokemon, cosmetics, items, and other PokeMMO services for real world money (real money trade) is strictly prohibited here.
2. The use of third-party software, including client manipulation, auto-clickers, auto-farming, bots, and macroing, is strictly prohibited here.
3. Read the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service for PokeMMO. 
4. You may not defraud other users of in-game currency, items, resources, or services to be performed (commonly known as "scamming").
5. Inappropriate behavior, including racist, toxic, abusive, sexist, or sexual content, and bullying, will not be tolerated here.
6. We are family here, so respect your fellow Fåll members. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
7. Your in-game name must be the same as your GC nickname, club name, and the name you use on the Fåll discord server.
8. Be patient when making requests in battles, trades, and other MMO activities. Be considerate that some are busy in real life.  
9. Don't inspire your teammates to break the rules.  
10. No posting of pornographic materials, malicious links and non-Pokemon-related contents. Please be mindful that there are minors and girls here. 
11. Above all, have fun and enjoy the game.

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