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  1. @XelaKebert thank you for clarification how about legendaries as a tournament prize? the only special being tournament prize is they got more access to what i suggested(maybe some of them would be viable). i think it will be less to be possibly grief with that being harder to get legendary if a legendary being given as a prize in tournament, the same legendary in the wild cant be obtainable until the time ends making it still like 1 legendary exist. the wild legendary will act the same as the current one we have here in the game while the tournament legendary counterpart will got more access
  2. i use togekiss with hyper voice/ heatwave gengar with sludge wave kingdra with muddy water/blizzard excadrill with eq to team up with gengar sludge wave tyranitar with stab rock slide and eq my last is jolteon with discharge/ hypervoice to pair with excadrill when gengar is down
  3. i dont see any problem with only one legendary exist in MMO thats the only thing that make them legendary anyways i just want to increase the duration of keeping the legendary pokemon. sorry because actually i never caught a legendary before since it doesnt do that much in pvp anyways. also i didnt know you get trapped in one location after catching a legendary maybe i will suggest that you can freely walk once you got the legendary pokemon hmm how about it? (sorry if im misunderstand something im still practicing engrish lol) i also want to suggest adding a tab in menu where you can see all the players who got the legendary and how many times left i just want that vibe where you can actualy caught a legendary that is also useful in pvp so maybe giving some restrictions will make this work
  4. my question is can you use legendaries in Uber tier tournaments or not? if not i suggest that make them usable to uber tier tournaments *i suggest to make legendaries stay longer in the player who caught it maybe for a week after that it will flew away. you can freely walk and log out during this time only legendaries can be still taken when you lose normal pvp. * a tab in menu where you can see all the players who got the legendary and how many times left it maybe too op if someone got it in pvp so i add some restrictions *how about you can only use a legendary once per uber tier tournament. you can pick where you can use it in the tournament either in the first round ,semis or final your choice *i wish theres also Uber tier matchmaking or doubles so you can use your legendary there just 5 times per day * you can only catch 1 legendary at a time also you can only used 1 legendary in your team per pvp
  5. doing weird experiment builds in pokemons and i feel so happy when it works in pvp. grinding needed for that is sucks, i wish they make the game less in grinding :(
  6. Tackle

    Dev NPCs

    i like to see a Dev Npc in any starting point towns and if you click them they will guide you about the new things in Pokemmo implemented to the original game like PVP, breeding,ev training, tournaments, gtl ,etc..
  7. *Winning pvp with gift /starter pokemon *winning OU MM with smeargle
  8. i am living in a country that a 1000rp worth of thing cost so much :(. I will very appreciate it if at least i can buy useful things like this in GTL thumbs up on this idea :D
  9. it creeps me out when i saw this gen1 mr mime sprite on the internet suppose to be my 2017 Halloween avatar to scare ppls . just so lazy to change it haha
  10. i think this is my first time posting here as a member.. so hello guys! :D
  11. i think of it like a minigame where you doesn't lose anything whats wrong with dat? thats what i want to suggest..
  12. i just suggest something that will add some flavor for the game and ppl start thinking it just another money sink for the game.. money grinding on this game is kinda sucks.. they need to fix it.
  13. its better i think if you can only feed the pokemon if it was summon outside.. if it was inside pc/pokeball.. it will not get hungry. it will prevent to waste some money so you have an option if you want to take care of your pokemon or if you dont want things like that.. just put them inside pc( or just implement a on/off button for that)
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