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Team AïR is a team for kind and respectful people that look to have fun doing activities together ,we are friendly and we help each other ,anyone can join from shiny hunters to comp players ,we are friendly towards to new players as well, only criteria is to be a good and friendly person :)

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  2. i double checked and im pretty sure 48 is still available 🙂 - ForgettingThings
  3. 24.zeherila Good luck guys and thanks for the event 😄
  4. 18! @ panosasclepius gl everyone 🙂
  5. congratz again mate, amazing shiny, I'll try to join the event on sunday.
  6. || Team AiR Random (RD) Tournament || || How to participate tournament || To enter this event you have to be Air Team Member Battles are being fought with the Random tier (RD) in PvP, so you don't need to bring or prepare any own pokemon. Everything will be randomized. Special thanks to: MilkPlus for donating the NU team MasterKeyys for donating the pokeyens || Rules || Battle type: Single battle Level scale: None Tier: Random Active clauses on || Time and Place || Hoenn Battle Frontier, Channel 1 Friday 23th of September 8 PM EET time For Further Details https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ || Prizes || 1st place 500.000$ + Semi Comp NU PCoookie 2nd place 500.000 $ Usaymon 3rd place 300.000 $ Wod 4th place 100.000 $ Alawyy || WARNINGS || Please be at Hoenn Battle Frontier with 10 minutes before tournament starts to avoid further delays. Good luck to all! Hope you have fun^
  7. Thank you , apreciate . See you there AIR ❤️
  8. 19, Demonpocalypse. you’re the best :)))

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